(STOLEN RECAP) – Feb. 24, 2015 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of a February, 2015 game at Powell’s Pub, as reported by the team More Beer Less Pants. My attempts to answer these questions will be in boldface type. Color settings were not working when I posted this for some strange reason…

February 24, 2015Ypsilanti, MI

MBLP finished out their month-long residency at Powell’s Pub last night. It was a tough game of My Trivia Live with low scores all around, although a few of the questions were made more difficult by us either over-thinking an answer or getting sloppy and not thinking enough before turning in the answer.

1)In what Great Lake did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink? Duh

2)Who was the first sitting US President to appear on a late night talk show? I’m gonna say Nixon. 

3)What British lander, sharing it’s name with a breed of dog, was lost en-route to Mars in 2003? It was recently found to have crashed. Need Mike for this one…

4)Which beverage company known for selling teas, fruit juices and enhanced water uses a lizard as a mascot? Sobe?

5)What city is home to the oldest professional ballet company in the US?
-Ugh. Not up our alley.

Boston? No idea. 
6)What city was home to the first US bank? Philadelphia? No clue. 
Bonus – What is the name of the bank in Harry Potter Also no clue.

7)Cancelled in 2009, what US soap opera ran for over 70 years? I think this is One Life To Live. Definitely not certain, not in the soaps loop anymore (though I used to watch a couple of them). 

8)What Dallas Cowboy quit to take up a boxing career, only to return to play a total of 15 seasons?


9)What did Willis Carrier invent in 1902, when he realized that you can dry and cool air by passing it through coils of chilled water? What a wonderful, wonderful invention…

Halftime – Wars
The US Civil War had the largest number of US casualties, with approximately 405,000. What are the next 4 wars that resulted in the most US casualties?

World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and American Revolutionary War are my guesses. 

Overthought this one and missed the 4th.

10)Newsletter – The 2006 movie “Brick” is about a brick of what: Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Adobe.

11)In what organ of the human body will you find the “Islets of Langerhans”? Pancreas

12)What 1978 movie about a blind figure skater used the theme song “Through the Eyes of Love”?
– Blind what? What song? Never heard of either of these. If we were 5-10 years older, maybe. This movie obviously was not one of the better films to come out of the 1970’s.

Ice Castles. My friend Jenni from high school had a serious crush on this movie…I even remember sitting through an Ice Capades show with her (YIKES)! Maybe this is why I have a hangup about furries and costumes mascots (one of these days I’ll figure it out). Also we played this song in band. I think EGOT owner Marvin Hamlisch composed it but I’m not certain. 

13)U-Pick. Again, the host gave us all three U-Pick questions and asked us to answer whichever one we wanted. We went with A, but could have answered all three.

A- What color were Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz book? No clue. It’s been more than three decades since I read the book. 
B- In what UK city was Ozzy Osborn born? I’m guessing Manchester. No idea. 
C- For which award-winning TV show did the episode, “Ozymandias” get 10 out of 10 stars on IMDB? Flight of the Conchords? No idea…
-Dear MTL, NEVER use IMDB as a “source”. Thank you.

14)In the 18th century, what map was instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Paris?
– This was was declared a “shenanigans” question, as no one had any idea of what this thing was. So we were given this substitute question…

15)What is Homer Simpson’s middle initial?
– Really? We go from an obscure 18th century map to a cake question about a long running TV show?

J (whole name is Jay)

16)In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, what is Mr. Darcy’s first name?
– Should have used our Shenanigans on this one….Steven? No clue. 

17)The Field Museum in Chicago is home to “Sue”, the world’s most complete skeleton of what creature? How specific do I need to be? I’ll say T-Rex. 

18)Which Greek hero stole the Golden Apple from the garden of Hesperides?
– Whew! Got lucky on this one. Ugh, my nerdy husband doesn’t know this (forgive him, it’s the end of his work day and he’s trying to wrap up a deadline)!

19)Oscar the Grouch calls what household item home?
– Really, again? After Pride & Prejudice and Greek Mythology we literally get a garbage question.

Gee, I dunno (JK)

Somehow, going into the final we were only 3 points behind first place. Our final was on Best Selling Books.

The Harry Potter books are the best selling book series of all time with 450 million copies sold. What series is #2, with 350 million sold?

I’m guessing Goosebumps. I hate questions like these! 

Tough question for all playing. I don’t think anyone got it right, so those that wagered zero moved up. We wagered and had to surrender our last gift certificate. There was a tiebreaker question for 3rd place:

In what year did Sport Illustrated first put a swimsuit model on the cover?

Next week we will be switching gears and heading back to Maiz for the start of the new Sporcle Live Pub Champions League. While Powell’s is nice for a while, we certainly won’t miss some of the “quirks” that this place has to offer – like the woman at the end of the bar that decided to do a bunch of shots and ended up vomiting on herself just before we left. Judging by the conversation happening as we were putting on our coats, this evidently wasn’t the first time she did this. Keep it classy Ypsi!

Powell’s IS a dive bar! I remember a couple of guys coming in there in the spring of 2018…one of them did a face plant right in front of our table (by the kitchen door, presumably because he thought it was the bathroom door). His “buddy” said, “Don’t worry about him, he just had a whole fifth of (can’t remember which liquor). Bar staff wound up serving him a non-alchoholic drink but the two men were eventually asked to leave. Drunker guy threw his liquor bottle out the window of his car. 

Another “incident” involved a Buckeye and a Wolverine arguing about their sports loyalties..loudly – and potentially violently. One of the “regulars” there (who was playing solo at the time and works as a teacher) wound up leaning in and talking “closely” with the guy who was more of the “agitator.” Conflict resolved. Guy calmed the fuck down. I personally thanked him for doing this after the fact, saying he was a “people whisperer.” His cool response was, “He was killing the trivia vibe.” You really had to be there! 

And for those of you also starting the Pub Champions League next week, don’t for get to FEAR THE BEER!

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