Trivia Recap – Feb. 22, 2019 -Star Trek Theme Trivia Night

Answers in the comments.

Even had we done what we were “supposed” to do to prepare for Thursday’s Star Trek themed trivia night at Haymaker in Ann Arbor – which involved watching all of the movies – it’s unlikely that doing so would have changed how well we did in the game! I mean…you could watch the 2009 Star Trek reboot as many times as you like (even if it’s not just to check out Chris Pine’s ass while he’s riding that motorcyle, LOL), but does that mean you’re going to remember the name of the “Oompa Loompa” guy whom serves as Scotty’s “whipping boy” “sidekick?” Does anyone even use his name in the movie? Hmmm…. I DID know the name of the actor playing the alien, which is Deep Roy. I just didn’t know the character’s name!


Actor Deepak “Deep” Roy.

Likewise, I can name the actor playing Shinzon – and the name of the actor playing Chang…but that doesn’t mean I can put those two villains in chronological order – in which they appeared in their respective movies – along with several other Star Trek aliens. Though I DO know Chang was a villain earlier than Shinzon!

Well played, Sporcle! Well played. That was a truly “legit” set of Star Trek trivia questions! It may have been a Kobiyashi Maru (aka unwinnable) scenario for my “trio” of players, but there were two teams in the room who knew the name of the ancient biological weapon capable of mass destruction created by the “ancient ones” of Altamid. There was only one team (out of nine total teams) who knew the “alias” name used by Dr. Carol Marcus which allowed her to board the Enterprise. Had I not bothered to read the wiki article about Star Trek: Insurrection hours before the game, we would have flunked the question asking which planet’s radiation allowed Geordi LaForge to see again.  Likewise, reading that article did allow me to “partially” remember the name of the “Proto Data.” Sigh. Close may not be good enough when firing a photon torpedo at a Romulan vessel, and “close” certainly wasn’t good enough for us to get the points on that answer!

If nothing else, I guess judging from how poorly we fared on the questions, that maybe…just maybe we WEREN’T the nerdiest people in the room (for once)! Does that make us “cool” by  comparison? Pffft, perish that thought! However, had I hit the “record” button on my phone while in the car with Mike and Brad after the game when they were blathering on about the Fantastic Four – there might be a hung jury about just how nerdy we really are!

And now for something completely different! Trivia questions!

Game One

1. Space Stations – What is the name of the Starfleet monitoring station that first detects the supposed alien force moving toward Earth which later turns out to be the Voyager space probe?  Miss for 1.

2. Space Jumps – Along with Kirk and Chief Engineer Olsen – who attempts a space jump onto a Romulan drilling platform to try to stop it from destroying the planet Vulcan? I had a good “giggle” watching this scene in theaters, when I saw that Olsen was wearing a red shirt – I nudged my husband and said, “Look…he’s wearing a red shirt.” Guess what happened to him? got this for 10.

3. Quotes – What two words does Worf say as he shoots down the deflector dish that has been hijacked by the Borg? My husband Mike was all over this, we both watched this movie recently, and I would not have remembered this quote, so…teamwork? 9


Worf was always my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation character. No drama or BS with him – he ALWAYS spoke his mind and was not into playing games! Just watched the episode where his “mate” was killed – he insisted his young son, Alexander, look at his dead mother. Klingons are SO intense! You’d have to pity the Klingon who died of old age/illness rather than dying in battle – or at the hands of another Klingon! In true Klingon form, Worf immediately boards the Klingon ship carrying his “mate’s” killer – and kills him. He receives nothing but a reprimand from Picard.

4. Traitors – What is the name of the shape-shifting alien of the prison planet Rura Penthe who leads Kirk and McCoy into a trap? Nope for 2.

5. Breaking the Rules – Kirk was removed from command for violating the Prime Directive after exposing the ship to the inhabitants of what planet which he did to save them and Spock from a volcanic eruption? Miss for 4.

6. Time Travel – Using a slingshot to maneuver around the run, to what year to Kirk and his crew travel back in time to retrieve a humpback whale? Thank the trivia gods that this was the same year that movie was released (which is something I made sure to know for this game), 8.

7. Sidekicks – What is the name of Scotty’s alien assistant on Delta Vega, who continues accompanying him in the subsequent two films? Miss for 3.

8. Feeling Good – On what planet does Geordi LaForge become exposed to a rejuvenating radiation that allows him to see without his ocular implants? 7.

9. Relics – What is the name of the ancient biological weapon capable of mass destruction created by the ancient ones of Altamid? Miss for 5, two teams got this correct.

10. Captains – Along with Chekov, what captain of the U.S.S. Reliant was captured by Khan and implanted with a mind-controlling eel like creature? Nope for 6.

Mystery – Identify the complete Star Trek movie title based on the taglines used in the films.

M1 – The Future Begins

M2 – Two Captains, One Destiny

M3 – At the End of the Universe, Lies the Beginning of Vengeance

M4 – Resistance is Futile

Missed #3, we were torn between two, one of which would have been correct (hey revenge is kind of a common theme in these movies)!

40 points at the half for us, out of nine teams playing. We were second to last. (SPOILER) in the next game, we’ll find ourselves in more “distinctive” position going into the final (hey somebody’s gotta do it)!

Game Two

1. Meeting Your Hero – When Picard meets Kirk in the Nexus, what chore is Kirk performing? Miss for 10 (someone…who shall not be named…steered us wrong here, but since we’re a kind and gentle trivia team, we did NOT throw him in the brig…or the airlock for this transgression)!

2. Really Old Music – A 1994 song by what group is used to jam the frequency and disorient the swarm of ships attempting to destroy Yorktown? The trivia host made it clear on the mic that you did NOT get points for this unless you named the group (which tells me some teams probably put down the song name for this answer), we got this for 9.

3. Parks and Rec – At what park do Kirk, Spock and McCoy take shore leave before having to go rescue hostages on Nimbus III? 8 This is one of at least two national parks that were used for filming Star Trek movies…(see, I did “kind of” study for this theme night).


Kirk and Spock climbing El Capitan in Star Trek V – The Final Frontier, which was directed by William Shatner.

4. Names – Dr. Carol Marcus used what name, which was her mother’s maiden name, as an alias in order to board the Enterprise? One team got this one correct, but it wasn’t ours, miss for 1.

5. Quotes -Audio clue, so I’ll summarize: What seven words follow the line “I never took the Kobayashi Maru test, until now” in Spock’s famous “Needs of the many” quote? Miss for 3. Funny, before the game, I was “role playing” with a old Spock action figure of Mike’s and did a rudimentary recreation of this scene, making Spock fall flat on his back after he dies in the reactor – “Now I’m dead and you’re going to have to spend the whole next movie to try to bring me back.”


You can tell by Spock’s “bald batch” that this action figure is NOT in mint condition! My husband has had this action figure for about 40 years, when the first Star Trek movie was released in theaters (Spock was always his favorite Star Trek character, me, I’m more of a “Scotty” kind of gal).  Also, unsure if you can tell in this photo, but he’s missing a hand, so he can only do the “live long and prosper” gesture with his right hand.

6. Stayin’ Alive – What is the five-letter term for the living spirit that allows Spock’s sould to be able to transfer to McCoy before his death which is later reunited with his body? Miss for 3.

7. Identities – What is the false identity that Khan assumes as a Starfleet commander? Miss for 4.

8. Prototypes – An android found on Kolarus III resembling Data is found – and after his reassembling, he is discovered to be a less advanced early version of Data known by what name? Miss for 7 (though I did get half of the answer correct).

9. Famous Couples – What are the names of the two humpback whales in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? 6

10. I Want You For Starfleet – Following a bar fight with Starfleet cadets, Kirk is encouraged to join Starfleet by what person? This one of only a couple of “socials” of the night, with all teams knowing this answer.


Is it bad that I often think men look better when they have bloodied faces? Sign that I MUST be a warrior at heart!

Mystery – Kirk quotes – identify the movie in which Kirk said the following quotes:

M1 – What does God need with a starship?

M2 – I don’t think you like the fact that I beat your test.

M3 – Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human.

M4 – This is what you would have done – it was only logical. I’m scared, Spock – help me not be – how do you choose not to feel?

Got all of these (it was helpful that I jotted down a whole list of of the movies during the game one mystery round).

Scores heading into the final:

We were in last playing under the name “Shut up, Wesley” with 76 points…higher scores than ours were 85, 97, 102, 106, 107, 108, 111 and 113.

Final category – Villains

Put the following Star Trek villains in order in which they appear on film. Ru’afo, Soran, , Kruge, Klaa, Nero, Krall, Chang.


Game winners: Ypsi Tribbles, 138; Founders, 143. First place finishers won a $100 gift card, the second place finishers won a prize of a 50 percent reduction on their bar tab.

Our next trivia outing is still being discussed, but it will likely be another visit to Powell’s Pub on Monday (we’ve decided we like that Stacy is now on the mic instead of her…predecessor – I was actually hesitant to go to this game because of my dislike of this previous host, whom I never felt treated me nor my team very well).

We went on a second “away mission” after the Star Trek game and rendezvoused with another crew member at a game at Sticks (results much better in this game). Sadly, our other crew member needed our help for a couple of questions in game one for which we were not present to help him answer! That recap is coming…next! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Zephrame Cochrane!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Feb. 22, 2019 -Star Trek Theme Trivia Night

  1. Game one:
    1. Epsilon IX
    2. Sulu
    3. Assimilate This!
    4. Martia
    5. Nibiru
    6. 1986
    7. Keenser
    8. Baku
    9. Abronath
    10. Terrell

    M1 – Star Trek (2009)
    m2 – Star Trek: Generations
    m3 – Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan
    m4 – Star Trek: First Contact

    Game two
    1. Chopping wood
    2. Beastie Boys
    3. Yosemite
    4. Wallace
    5. What do you think of my solution
    7. John Harrison
    8. B4
    9. george and gracie
    10. pike

    m1 – Star Trek V – The Final Frontier
    m2 – Star Trek (2009)
    m3 – Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan
    m4 – Star Trek Into Darkness

    Final question Kruge, Klaa, Chang, Soran, Ru’afo, Shinzon, nero, Krall

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