Blondes Have More Fun- Especially If They Are Beers…

New  beer  on  tap  at Corner  Brewery! Why, it’s  kind  of  like  a tasty  Miller Lite! Weighs  in  at 4.5% ABV and only 13 IBUs. I described  it  to  my friends  thusly…  “I’ll  bet even Scott  would  drink  this beer.” He  is definitely  a “yellow beer” sort  of man, and is virtually  allergic  to  hops, but has “some” microbrews  he  will  choke  down (on  trivia  nights  when  he  has  no  other  choice, lol).

Hey. I  dig  craft brews, but  I also like  the beers I like  to  describe  as “beers  that  don’t  make  me  think  too  much.” These  are, typically, non-hoppy  beers. Labatt  and Molson  are  my favorite   “yellow  beers,” though I will  default  to  Miller Lite  from  time  to  time…

Behold the Ypsi Classic blonde ale!



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