When A Wise-Ass Comment Takes On A Life Of Its Own…

I  met  a friend  for  drinks last  Friday,  and she  started  talking  about  a movie  from  the  80s  I’d  never  seen (IKR). An  80s  movie  I  haven’t  seen? 🙂

The movie  she  mentioned  was Girls  Just  Want  to  Have  Fun from  1984, featuring  Sarah Jessica  Parker, Helen  Hunt  and Lee Montgomery. Owing  to  Kim’s lengthy  synopsis, I learned  the  movie  was  set  in an  all girls’ Catholic  school. One  of  the girl  characters  had  strict parents  who  wouldn’t  let  her  date  boys.

Ha, classic trope, I thought  to  myself. But  I just HAD to open  my smart  mouth!

“Did her parents  let  her  date  girls?”

Kim  just  gave me a “look” and continued synopsizing this movie with imdb  quality…

Later  on, I thought  about  my  smart ass question  a  bit  more…

“Hmmm…what  about  a movie  about  a girl  raised  in  a strict  fashion – by  two same sex parents who also don’t  want  her  to  date  boys – and want her  to date girls?”

The poor  dear  probably  grew  up  listening  to Indigo  Girls and being  constantly  told that “Men are pigs, dear” and “Only  another  woman  knows  what  a  woman  wants.”

And  what  if  they  even  tried sending  her  to  a special  camp with the goal of turning  her  gay? Now  this would would make men the “forbidden  fruit” and even more desirable  to this indoctrinated, confused  teen (reverse  psychology).

Maybe the movie’s “end game” will have the girl wind up having  been  a lesbian  all along – or maybe she will decide boys have been what  she’s  wanted  all along. In another  twist, maybe  she’ll  be bi… queue  up  the Living Colour  song Bi, which has  these lyrics:

Everyone  loves  you  when  you’re  bi

Oh the humanity…what  would the “PC Police” say about this?

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