Crow’s Nest Memory From December, 2012

Editor’s Note: The following is  “recap” from a fellow trivia team’s Facebook page posting on Dec. 8, 2012 about a game we played against them.

Tonight, MBLP will be heading out to the Crow’s Nest in Canton for some Great Lakes Trivia – Detroit. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods will be there. Who else? I propose a challenge to any league teams playing. Whatever league team that is in the lead, before the final question, in game one will get a round of drinks (max. of 5) on us. Any other teams want to pony up and make this interesting? Put your money where your mouth is! (END OF POST)

(BEGINNING OF NEXT POST)Congrats to Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods for a victory in game 1 of Great Lakes Trivia – Detroit at the Crow’s Nest. They along with MBLP were the only teams to know the final question:
Who’s portrait is on the $10,000 bill? He was not a US president, but was a US Senator, Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

They should have agreed to the challenge. They could have had a free round on us. Maybe next time?

Game 2, was a bit more in our favor. After a couple of tough questions involving Tim the Tool Man Taylor (What were the 3 son’s names?) and “text lingo” (What does BCD stand for?) we finished strong. Before the final, we were 4 points ahead of two teams tied for 2nd.

Final question #2: The US spends the most on defense of any country in the world. Name 3 of the next 5 countries that spend the most on defense.

We answered it correctly, getting a victory in game 2.

Thanks to a partial squad from William Shatner Face for playing tonight. They showed up a little late, so they were at a disadvantage, but had a good showing in game 2 – tying with Miskatonic before the final.

Our next stop will probably be Great Lakes Trivia at The Bowery on Sunday, but that hasn’t been decided yet. If it is, are there any teams up to our challenge?

We also need a venue for #30. Can anyone suggest a good venue, that doesn’t start too late, in the Western Wayne Co. area? We’ve already done Ashley’s, Crow’s Nest, George Murphy’s, and Coaches Corner – Monday

Editor’s Note: I MISS THIS KIND OF COMPETITION! That is all…

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