The Snow Monster From Hoth Says “Hi!” Highlights of Today’s Walk (Feb. 13, 2019)

The icy conditions Tuesday may have kept me from taking more than a little stroll through my neighborhood – if you can call baby steps on the ice a “stroll!” But today’s blowing snow and brutal wind chills didn’t keep me from my “afternoon constitutional!” No SIR! Weather dot com tells me that today’s temps felt like 12 degrees with the wind chill.


Wampa (aka a “snow monster”) from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I would not have been at all surprised if I saw one while I was on my walk!

Toward the end of today’s walk? I REALLY felt those winds and was happy to be close to home…I took a walk of about 75 minutes and covered just under four miles. I focused more on completing the walk I’d set out to do – and not speed! My “goal” was to walk to Cross Street and back along the most “convenient” route possible. I saw quite a few folks out today with snow shovels and snow blowers – and even saw a guy on a snowmobile! I can honestly say I haven’t seen anyone on a snowmobile in these parts…ever! I was tempted to find the snowmobiler and hitch a ride on my way back, but alas, my iron will to finish the walk won out (though just barely)!

How about some pics? I took my “real” camera out for today’s walk, but was careful to keep it in the bag as much as possible. Those batteries get a bit whiny when it’s cold and try to pretend they’re getting drained and dying even when they’re really not. Aww, how cute! They’re just like people, aren’t they? Oh yeah, the pics…


My view right outside my front door.


I know some women wear leg warmers as extra insulation under their “tall” boots. Or possibly because they want to look like an extra from the movie Flashdance. Me? I wear them as extra insulation on my lower extremities when it’s cold AF! And I also secretly want to look like an extra from Flashdance (LOL)! Here is some photo evidence that they do their job! My pants underneath were dry as a bone after today’s walk.


Me around the beginning of today’s walk (look of pure insanity, n’est ce pas?)


Unsure if this is a “man cave,” treehouse or “she-shed” – but I thought it looked kind of creepy and cool in today’s conditions!


View of East Cross Street heading East.


Aren’t all the girls doing “mirror selfies?” Here’s my lame attempt – in the glass doors of a nearby church…

And now, for the tunes providing the “soundtrack” for my walk! Let’s see how many I can actually remember (I know these are not exactly in order)…

  1. Have a Cigar, Pink Floyd
  2. Everything’s Ruined, Faith No More
  3. It’s Not Unusual, Tom Jones
  4. Head Like a Hole, nine inch nails
  5. Big Time, Peter Gabriel
  6. Confusion, New Order
  7. O Caritas, Cat Stevens
  8. Lyin’ Eyes, The Eagles
  9. Effect and Cause, White Stripes
  10. I Want To Know (Pure Energy), Information Society
  11. If You Leave, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
  12. Welcome to the Jungle, Guns ‘n Roses
  13. Digging in the Dirt, Peter Gabriel
  14. Hot For Teacher, Van Halen
  15. Young Americans, David Bowie


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