Awwwright Maya – You Win This Round!

I just got bundled up with the intention of taking a short walk through my neighborhood. What ACTUALLY happened was me being put to the ultimate “dexterity test!” Depending, of course, upon the whims of whatever DM was controlling me while I was walking…let’s say in today’s icy conditions, I would been rolling at a negative five. Take a look at what I faced on today’s walk – right outside my door:


The road you can see in the background (Prospect Road in Ypsilanti, MI) was completely clear, but secondary roads – such as my driveway and roads in my neighborhood were complete sheets of ice.

I headed down the road a bit to the “other” condos to see if their roads were any better than the ones in my neighborhood – nope. So I wandered back to Prospect Road, saw that there was a little “Brazilian” (wink-wink) strip of cleared road off to to the side of the road, so I thought I’d walk along there a bit. Then I could see that the “Brazilian” strip of clear road was coming to an end. I knew I didn’t want to have to walk in the actual road in these conditions(I don’t have a death wish, after all). So I walked into the other entrance of my neighborhood and made my way back. I tried to stick to the grassy areas – stomping each step with my boots to give myself “traction.” But there were only so many grassy areas I could tread. I proceeded to walk through each of my neighbors’ lawns as much as I could – then take my chances with the ice-covered driveways – taking baby steps each step of the way. One of my neighbors was clearing the icy crap off her car and preparing to go somewhere – and probably said “hi” to me, but I had my headphones on and couldn’t hear her. Rather than distract myself and take out my headphones and acknowledge her, I deemed it to be far more important to focus my mental and physical energies on NOT FALLING ON MY ASS!

Mission accomplished! I’d say I passed all of my “dex” checks! Yes, there were songs playing while all of this was happening…


Cat Stevens’ 1973 album Foreigner was not one of his more popular albums. Though the album sold well and reached #3 on charts on both sides of the Atlantic, it was not very well reviewed. A track from this album was strangely inspirational today!
  1. Be Aggressive, Faith No More
  2. 100 I Dream, Cat Stevens
  3. Whip It, Devo
  4. Rock the Casbah, The Clash

Some of the lyrics in today’s songs were kind of inspiring considering the conditions I was trying to conquer! Let’s see…the chorus of cheerleaders singing “Be Aggressive,” in the Faith No More song Be Aggressive, Whip It’s lyrics “If If a problem comes along…you must whip it” and even the Cat Stevens song’s lyrics were strangely inspiring today! The track 100 I Dream is the closing track on his Foreigner album.

Pick up the pieces you see before you
Don’t let your weaknesses destroy you
You know wherever you go the world will follow
So let your reasons be true to you

Sigh. I’ll have to take a longer “mall walk” when I work Wednesday to make up for not being able to get out today (shakes fist at Winter Storm Maya)!

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