What Makes A Song A Good “Walking” Song (Feb. 4, 2019)?

Editor’s note: Just for “logging” purposes, today’s walk was the “mall” variety and was two laps/two miles – 31 minutes. This is part of my ongoing effort to keep track of my daily fitness routines. 

I’m not a terribly picky person when it comes to songs played on my Sandisk mp3 player with standard wired earbuds (I’m old school). I have quite an extensive music collection, which consists of various tracks I’ve “ripped” myself, tracks I downloaded back when Napster was like the Wild, Wild West, tracks I purchased online and downloaded and tracks I otherwise “acquired,” like say from my brother, who gave me my first mp3 player in the mid 2000s, and put some of “his” tracks on it for me. I have showtunes (mainly Lloyd-Webber stuff, but I also have some tracks from the movie soundtrack to Chicago), movie soundtracks, pop/rock tunes from the ’60s through the ’00s (not much from the 2010s). I have disco tracks, industrial tracks, new wave, classic rock, progressive rock, alternative, metal, dance and even a handful of rap tracks.


My “Little Boy Blue.” It has a clip on the back, but also fits into any pocket.

And all of my music gets included in the mix when I hit “shuffle” on my music player! Which is what I do every time I take a fitness walk by myself. I don’t do “playlists,” I much, much prefer the randomness of not knowing what song will get picked next! I do get to skip tracks I don’t want to hear while I’m walking – usually those are songs with overly long intros or songs with too slow of a tempo. In general, the more “coked up” the person who wrote and performed the song was, the better it is for my “fitness” purposes!

There’s really no magical “formula” for being a good “walking song.” That’s really all up to YOU!


Most people know Austrian singer Falco best for his 1985 hit song Rock Me Amadeus, which hit #1 on U.S. charts and also topped most European charts. Der Kommissar hit #5 on the U.S. charts when it was covered by the British group After the Fire in 1982 (who recorded the song in English).  I much prefer Falco’s German version of this song, even if I don’t really understand most of what he’s singing!

Today’s “walking” tracks included some that would normally get skipped when played randomly in my car! Fallen Angel by Poison? The only reason I even HAVE that track is because I had a housewarming party in 2010, and wanted some tracks my friends would like (my friend Dave happens to like old Poison songs…there really is no accounting for taste).  I become a different “animal” when I’m out for a walk, and sometimes I’ll like a certain song’s “vibe” much more when I’m using the song to keep my pulse going and push me to the next threshold! So today, Fallen Angel suited my purposes just fine! Though I’ll most likely skip that when I’m driving in my car.

Here are all of the songs that were randomly picked for today’s walk:

  1. Things Can Only Get Better, Howard Jones
  2. Witchy Woman, The Eagles
  3. A Fifth of Beethoven, David Shire (Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack)
  4. Fallen Angel, Poison
  5. Mambo No. 5, Lou Bega
  6. Killer Queen, Queen (this one synched perfectly with my walking pace)
  7. Der Kommissar, Falco (in German)


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