Four-Letter Word Trivia Quiz

Who doesn’t love four-letter words? Speaking for myself, some of my favorite – and most commonly used words consist of only four letters! Without further ado, let’s see how you do on this quiz – where ALL of the answers will be four-letter words (though most of these answers will not be “naughty” four-letter words):


If you know who this guy is, you’ll know the answer to #20!
  1. Asian country whose capital is Muscat
  2. Proper name in Al Bundy’s high school from which he graduated
  3. Blank word in title of the The Beatles’ song You’ve Got To (blank) Your Love Away
  4. Name of penguin character in the Bloom County comic strip
  5. Model to whom David Bowie was married from 1992 until his 2016 death
  6. First name of writer famous for the 1978 book If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In the Pits?
  7. Capital of South Sudan
  8. Country bordering Benin to the west in Africa
  9. Arena rock band known for the top 10 hit song Heat of the Moment
  10. Last name of one of the most recent EGOT winners who is best known as a lyricist working frequently with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber
  11. English slang for the trunk of a car
  12. German word for the number 2
  13. Complete the lyrics in the following radio unfriendly version of a nine inch nails song: I want to (blank) you like an animal.
  14. Dodge car model produced between 1959 and 1976 and resurrected as a Fiat-derived compact in 2013
  15. Second book of the New Testament
  16. Third book of the New Testament
  17. Fourth book of the New Testament
  18. Fifth book of the New Testament (hey it’s the ONE thing I remember from having attended “Sunday school” as a kid – ALL of the books of the New Testament)
  19. First name of singer Minnie Riperton’s daughter whom is famous for her roles in comedy films and TV shows, including Saturday Night Live
  20. Last name of singer known for the song Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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