When Getting a Trivia Question Wrong -Helps You Get It Right Later!

In May, 2018 we had this final question, which we got incorrect:

Spike Lee has directed four theatrically-released films that feature Denzel Washington. Name two of those four films.

We got this incorrect, and sadly missed the movie that should have been the “elephant in the room.” Though we did put down a couple of Spike Lee’s lesser known “joints.”

And last night, we had this very similar final question:

In the late-1980s and early-1990s, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in four consecutive Spike Lee-directed films. Name two of those four films.

Interestingly enough, we put down the same answers for this question as we did for the question we had in May, 2018. Only this time, our two answers were correct!

It goes to show you that some trivial knowledge is what I’d describe as being like fine china. You keep it around for special occasions, rarely have to use it, but when you do? It never fails to impress – or make an impact! This is also how I’d describe such knowledge as names of EGOT winners (which helped us in a semifinal game in February, 2018).

I’m working on a full recap of Thursday’s game now. Stay tuned – don’t touch that dial! Sounds better coming out of Dweezil Zappa in The Running Man


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