Perhaps I Should’ve Just Done Laps In The Church Parking Lot Today?

I decided to bundle up in layers and brave yet another frigid walk today, and because we had some snow last night, I wanted to spend as little time walking along regular roads as possible. Hell, in the time it took me to walk a mere 308 feet along the only unavoidable road on today’s walk – FIVE vehicles drove right by me! I really, really hate Prospect Road  – so many cars pretty much ALL the time! Up side is that the dead squirrel that was smack in the middle of my path on Friday had been pushed out of the way by the snow plows – so there’s that little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… (gotta appreciate the small stuff).


Snapshot of today’s weather in my ‘hood

I decided to take a short cut through a church parking lot today on my way to Sweet Road, which is a north/south Ypsilanti Township road that connects Clark and Holmes roads. It’s a fairly pleasant walk, through a neighborhood with generous lots and lots of different housing stock. On some weekdays, you can hear kids playing outside at a nearby Catholic school. I may not have kids, but I have to say – I do enjoy hearing the sounds of them playing and having fun!


Satellite view of grounds of Victorious Life Church of God. Autumn Woods Trail is a short cut to my house that allows me to avoid a lot of real “road.”


This is a photo I found on the Internet of the Victorious Life Church of God (which is a really HUGE church). It sits across the street from another much smaller church, called Abundant Life Ministries (which is my polling place). Not hard to see which church was more “victorious!”

I was actually kind of amazed at how thoroughly plowed/cleared the parking lot was at the Victorious Life Church of God! It was more cleared out than some of the roadways were that I trekked today (there were many icy spots on Sweet Road). When I headed back to the church parking lot on my “return” trip, I thought I should’ve just done a few laps in that parking lot! Then I worried someone might call the cops on me or something (private property).

I would estimate since I took that shortcut, this probably cut today’s walk from 2 miles to 1.8 miles, which I covered in about 40 minutes. I think that’s a pretty good pace considering all of the layers – and snowy road conditions.

So what was today’s “soundtrack” for my walk – as picked randomly by my Sandisk mp3 player?

  1. Dance Hall Days, Wang Chung
  2. World in My Eyes, Depeche Mode
  3. Master and Servant, Depeche Mode
  4. You Could Be Mine, Guns ‘n Roses
  5. Freedom, Rage Against the Machine
  6. F—in in the Bushes, Oasis
  7. Young Americans, David Bowie

Monday’s walk will be of the “mall walk” variety when I get out of work. Snow is in the forecast Monday (3-5 inches), and…meh! I don’t think I want to go out for a walk in a snowstorm unless it’s to the Circle K to buy booze!

So what’s the verdict? I’ve been doing these  walks since the beginning of January, and I’ve REALLY noticed some positive effects! My legs are getting more sculpted, and I think even my mid section is…lessening somewhat. I think it will take another month or two to see any real changes in that area, but I’m a patient person! My body seems to like what I’m doing, so I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing. It REALLY likes a certain bad habit I ditched on January 7!

It feels good to feel like I’m finally doing something positive with my life.

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