A Really, Really Old (And Short) Trivia Recap – From 2011!

Editor’s note: The following “update” came up in my Facebook notifications for today. Proof that our trivia team WAS playing – at least unofficially – before 2012! Our “official” start date as a registered league team was February 13, 2012 – this Facebook status update from Jan. 27, 2011 definitely predates that! Who ELSE was playing during this time?

My game recaps have gotten much, much more wordy since then. My weren’t we just so…precocious!

Our brainy & ballsy (mostly the latter) trivia team came in second place last night at Wolverine State Brewing Co’s Motor City Trivia night!

Let’s see what was going on in January, 2011! My husband and I had moved into our present house in Ypsilanti just months earlier, Sam and Roh were still living in Ann Arbor, and Dave was (and still is) working in Ann Arbor. Unsure whom else would have been on our trivia team at that time (not Brad or Joel – neither of them would join us until we started playing at the Corner Brewery a little more than a year later). What a neat little time capsule this is!

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