List of Michigan’s State Parks

I’ve indicated which places I’ve previously visited in bold (63 places total):
Isn’t it fun looking at pictures of your past self and making derisive fashion commentary? Crew socks? Should’ve worn no-show or low-cut socks with those Doc Martens (what the Hell were you thinking, 1993 me, tsk tsk…). Tahquamenon Falls State Park, 1993.


List of Michigan State Parks/Properties

  1. Agate Falls Scenic Site
  2. Bald Mountain Recreation Area
  3. Bass River Recreation Area
  4. Belle Isle Park
  5. Bond Falls Scenic Site
  6. Brighton Recreation Area
  7. Cambridge Junction State Historic Park
  8. Coldwater Lake State Park
  9. Colonial Michilimackinac Historic State Park
  10. DNR Pocket Park
  11. Duck Lake State Park
  12. Fayette State Historic Park
  13. Fisherman’s Island State Park
  14. Fort Custer Recreation Area
  15. Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park
  16. Grand Mere State Park
  17. Highland Recreation Area
  18. Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park
  19. Holly Recreation Area
  20. Ionia State Recreation Area
  21. Island Lake Recreation Area
  22. Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park
  23. Lake Gogebic State Park
  24. Lake Hudson Recreation Area
  25. Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park
  26. Lime Island State Recreation Area
  27. Maybury State Park
  28. Mears State Park
  29. Meridian-Baseline State Park
  30. Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area
  31. Mike Levine Lakelands Trails State Park
  32. Negwegon State Park
  33. Ortonville Recreation Area
  34. Outdoor Adventure Center
  35. Pinckney Recreation Area
  36. Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
  37. Proud Lake Recreation Area
  38. Rifle River Recreation Area
  39. Rockport Recreation Area
  40. Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic State Park
  41. South Higgins Lake State Park
  42. Thompson’s Harbor State Park
  43. Tippy Dam Recreation Area
  44. Van Buren State Park
  45. Wagner Falls Scenic Site
  46. Waterloo Recreation Area
  47. Watkins Lake State Park and County Preserve
  48. Wells State Park
  49. Yankee Springs Recreation Area

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