Wintry Fitness Adventures – Let’s Have Winter Dumped On Us All At Once, Shall We?

Winter decided to blow its whole load on Southeast Michigan today, and it’s pretty much been snowing most of last night and all day today. Still, I wanted to keep to my New Year’s resolution to take a walk of at least a half hour duration every day. My pace wasn’t the best today, since I was (ahem) – TRUDGING THROUGH SNOW! I still managed a 1.2 mile walk that took about a half hour. I expended more energy trying to make sure I didn’t fall on my ass than trying to “power walk!”


Snapshot of weather on today’s walk

Still, I felt it would do me some good to go out for a walk in “the elements.” I was in kind of a crabby mood, with all of my crabbiness directed at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as I was having “technical difficulties” with their camping reservation web site. WTF? The NATIONAL government is shut down, not our state government! Did I miss a memo? Grrr…They wouldn’t accept my password, nor send me an e-mail so I could change it. I was in a much better mood after my walk. I deemed today’s walk a “pictures or it didn’t happen” affair, so here’s a selfie of me after my wintry walk!


Don’t look too closely inside my nose, lest you see snot geysers! My nose runs like CRAZY when it’s cold…

So I put on my “walking outside when it’s really f—ing cold and windy” getup. Thermal undershirt with wool, lightweight vest, fleece lined leggings (I loved the first pair I bought back in November that I bought a second pair in a different color!). I knew my legs would need more insulation, so I found an old pair of Adidas microfiber “capri” pants. I put “capri” in quotes, because I’m a…tall person, so on me, they hit just below the knees. They worked nicely as an extra layer on this chilly, chilly walk, along with leg warmers on my lower legs. Look…I KNOW it’s not the ’80s! But dammit, leg warmers are the absolute shit for walking around in the snow – and well, keeping legs warm! Now, I have them draped over an empty laundry basket to dry out.

Of course I put on boots too! Which I sorely needed – I trudged through several inches of snow on almost all of the walk, except for wheel ruts. I tried staying off “real” roads as much as possible, and decided to try my luck on the non-motorized path along Clark Road. As Pink Floyd would say:

You got to keep the loonies on the path

So true! To my gleeful surprise, someone actually was out there with a snowblower earlier, as evidenced by the fact that the path was kind of “groomed!” I decided to stay on the “path as long as I could. Sadly, the groomed “path”  ended at MacArthur Blvd., so I just turned around and headed back. I didn’t want to be walking along streets.

What did my mp3 player randomly pick for my “trudging through the snow” tunes? Read on!

  1. When the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin (1970s)
  2. Closer, nine inch nails (1990s)
  3. Rehumanize Yourself, The Police (1980s)
  4. Cult of Personality, Living Colour (1990s)
  5. Disco Science, Mirwais (Snatch movie soundtrack, 1990s)

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