What Snowy Wrath Awaits Us?

I live in Southeast  MI and  it’s  been a mild  winter  so far. Tonight, we could get  a couple  of  inches  of snow and  another  couple  on Saturday. Sunday, it’s  supposed  to  be  so f—ing cold the tauntaun will freeze before the  first marker. So cold I’ll  have  to  bundle  up to go into my attached garage and into the car. So cold Ithaqua  will complain  about how cold it is. Anyone groaning  yet?

One  thing  about  Michigan  folks…weather  is always something  thay bonds us. We’ll  go out in droves  when  it’s  nice – and act like  an apocalypse  is nigh  when shitty weather rears  its head. Better  buy all the bread  and toilet  paper – or bust!

So how did  I prepare  for the upcoming  snowcopalypse? By buying booze, of course! Those  berry flavored  Lionel  Richie  hard sparkling  water thingies  are  quite tasty! That’s my name  for  the Truly brand  spiked seltzers because  Truly  was a Lionel  Richie  song (but you knew that, didn’t  you)?20181231_230859

Check  out  the  bottle  opener  I made in junior  high  woodshop class! Do kids have  to take shop classes  these  days? You’re  not fully educated  until you learn how to use power  tools  that  can kill and maim!

Yup. You  know it’s  a slow  blog  day when I write about… weather! Truth  be told, I just want  to chill! I’m a bit beat after work and a post-work walk. Don’t  even  want  to turn on the laptop. This  is probably  the only blog  I’m  posting today, so if you bothered  to read it, thanks!  Now to get  back  to  watching Animaniacs!

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