What If Whitney Houston Didn’t Die?

I was in a bar with my husband and our friend Brad last night and I was talking about some strange dreams I had when I took a Tylenol 3 for post tooth extraction pain (which had zero effect on my pain or sleeplessness). I dreamed I was driving on a curvy, icy interchange and saw another driver wipe out (who wound up getting in the car with us). I also dreamed that one of my childhood cats had grown to super size – and had kittens. My husband kind of scoffed…

My dreams are WAY weirder than yours.

Ouch! Maybe it was my competitive nature or my subconscious mind trying to up the ante -but I had a truly weird dream last night! I was living in a reality where Whitney Houston hadn’t died. Only everyone else knew that – but me. I kept trying to tell everyone that she had died almost seven years ago (she was found dead in a bathtub on my 40th birthday), and everyone looked at me as though I were crazy.


I’ve never been a big Whitney Houston fan or anything, but I believe had she stayed away from the drugs, not only would she still be alive – but she would still be able to draw big audiences.

Not only was Whitney Houston alive in my dream, but she was apparently doing quite well with her career! She was set to co-star in some kind of live-action Disney film with one of the actresses from Frozen (not the one who’s married to Dax Shepard). Idina Menzel? I eventually gave up trying to make my case about Whitney being dead.

All I can surmise is that this must’ve been an alternate reality where she didn’t die. If she didn’t die and stayed clean – would we have a Bodyguard 2? Would people be downloading her songs? Would she still be touring? Would she have her own reality show (again)? Questions abound!


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