Who Would Win in a Fight Between Teddy Roosevelt And…Harry Truman?

Anyone  remember  the  show  Deadliest  Warrior?  I want  to  see  a U.S. presidents  version  of  that  show that  would  feature  simulations  of one-on-one  fights  between  different  presidents  when  they  were  in  their  primes. It  would  be  educational  and  appeal  to  the lowest  common  denominator. Come  on – who doesn’t  want  to  see  Ulysses  Grant  and  Chester Arthur going  at  it  for a few rounds – beard  and  mutton  chop tugging/ pulling would be allowed!

I have  a feeling  old “Honest Abe” would be one Hell of a scrappy  fighter! Andrew  Jackson  would  fight  dirty, Zachary  Taylor  would  fight  like a cornered  rat and damn if I wouldn’t  love seeing a drunken  saloon brawl  between notorious  lushes Andrew Johnson  and Franklin  Pierce !

As for the 20th  century  commanders  in  chief?  A Nixon and Johnson  bout might  be epic – and how would the sickly and scrawny JFK hold up (I wouldn’t  bet  against  Mr. PT 109)! Jimmy Carter  may seem  like Mr. Nice  Guy, but he  has  an inner  fighter!

Maybe  I really  just  want  to  see Mr. Speak Softly  and  Carry  a Big Stick beat the shit out of EVERYONE! Bully!

This is why  I will  never  be in  charge  of TV programming!

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