Fitness Adventures 2019 – The Second Week

Editor’s note: This is an ongoing “log” of my as yet vain attempts to take a walk every day as part of my New Year’s resolutions.

Today marked week two of my attempt to take at least a half hour walk every day. That “objective” was temporarily put on hold when I had oral surgery Friday (excuses, excuses, right).

Today I still wasn’t feeling well enough to go to work, so I called off. I was still feelingĀ  too “doped up” this morning, and didn’t feel it would be safe for me to drive to work – let alone play with sharp instruments, operate heavy machinery (cardboard baler) and hours of standing and moderate to heavy lifting. But, since I still need to try getting my strength back, I did the dishes this morning, and took a very short walk this afternoon with my husband. It was a 40 minute walk, probably about 1.5 miles. I’m going to try doing a bit better Tuesday (weather permitting)!


Snapshot of weather in Ypsilanti, MI on the afternoon of Monday Jan 14, 2019

There is some good news! It has been an entire week since I’ve had any smokes. And I haven’t been tempted. Though I didn’t plan to cut them out before having my tooth pulled, it’s good that I did – since you’re not supposed to have any afterward because of an icky thing called “dry socket.” Smoking could dislodge the blood clot that forms in the “tooth hole,” which causes “dry socket.” Not something I feel like dealing with!

I will definitely try sticking to my guns on THIS front! It’s an unhealthy habit I don’t need.

If you’ve read this far and also follow my “trivial pursuits,” plans are to play Tuesday night. No Thursday game is planned this week, though a Saturday game MIGHT be a possibility.

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