Beer – Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Friday  night, I bore unfortunate  witness  to the failure  of Tylenol  3 with codeine  to take care  of my  post oral surgery  pain – and  put me to sleep. All  I got  from  taking  it  were  some weird  vivid dreams. Why  take  a narcotic  if  you’re  not going to get SOMETHING out of it? Did I have to provide  ID to the Walgreens pharmacist  for  nothing?

Last night,  I went out for some  beers and took 600 mg of Motrin before bed. This was successful  in  every  way  the  Tylenol  3 failed. I needed a night of restful, pain-free  sleep and got it.  I am feeling  nicely  rested today.

So I will  say this again… “Beer…is there  anything  it  can’t  do?”

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