“Holy crap it’s cold” – Fitness Adventures, Part III

  1. Today was Day Three of my “Fitness Adventures.” I made a New Year’s resolution to take a minimum half hour walk every day. Tuesday, my husband and I took a total 45 minute walk at a couple of different parks (the first park we visited was deemed “too muddy”). Today, my walk was a whopping 2.6 miles (compared to two miles on Monday)! I walked ALL the way to the “Chick Inn.” And I didn’t take the shortest route! The walk took about 55 minutes, which is slower than my usual pace. I’m going to blame the ice and snow for that (roads were a bit slippery).


I live SO close to this place but have never visited. Husband and I “talk” about getting one of their shakes on a hot summer day, but so far, it’s just been talk.

What a difference a day makes! I took my coat off toward the end of Tuesday’s walk because it was so warm – and had to bundle up a bit more today! Winter boots, leg warmers (don’t judge…they’re practical!), lightweight vest under my coat, thermal “long john” shirt with wool in it.  And I wore my gloves for a good portion of the walk.


Snapshot of today’s weather conditions during my walk

So what was on today’s “playlist?” I kept my Sandisk mp3 player on shuffle, and here are some of the songs it picked that I didn’t wind up skipping:

  1. To Live and Die In L.A., Wang Chung
  2. Echoplex, nine inch nails
  3. Somewhat Damaged, nine inch nails
  4. Hey Ladies, Beastie Boys
  5. Daylight, Coldplay
  6. Katmandu, Cat Stevens
  7. The Perfect Kiss, New Order
  8. Something About You, Level 42

Aquascape/Sunrise, Tunguska Music Society (track that came with my mp3 player that I’d never heard before but was really kind of cool).

Today’s music selections were from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s AND the ’10s! That last track is from 2011. Figures…the only way I listen to anything “recent” is when it’s a bonus track on my mp3 player.

We’ll see what Thursday brings! If weather is “OK,” maybe I’ll try to get a longer walk than usual, since Friday I’m getting a tooth pulled and have no idea how I’ll feel the rest of the day.

On a really positive note – not only am I getting out and moving my ass – I didn’t have an “after work” smoke today.  First time that’s happened in quite a while. I also did not have any on Tuesday.  Am I replacing bad habits with better ones? I didn’t make any “resolution” about smoking, but hey – all the fewer ones I smoke – the better!

I REALLY need to get into doing the trivia recaps again! Unless weather is shitty or my toothache gets too gnarly, I plan to play on Thursday. Over ‘n out!

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