Sigh…Maybe One Day I’ll Finally Watch Blazing Saddles…

A few days ago, I filled out one of those Silly Facebook surveys, this one involved putting a letter “X” next to all of the movies on a list that you’ve seen (there were 286 movies on the list, I wound up checking off 148 of those movies).

Seemingly innocent waste of time, right? I’d gotten quite a lot of things done around the house earlier in the day, dinner was on a “holding pattern” in the kitchen, so why not?

As it turns out? When your Facebook friends find out you’ve never seen the movie Blazing Saddles, they LOSE THEIR SHIT! Out of all of the movies on that list I’d never seen – none of the American Pie sequels, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, none of the Saw movies, watched none of the Dumb and Dumber sequels and have not seen any of the Resident Evil movies – only ONE omission seemed to get their attention. And by the time the comments really started to roll in, I was starting to feel like Gene Wilder in the photo from Blazing Saddles below.


What? You’ve NEVER seen Blazing Saddles?

The first guy to comment was my husband’s college roommate Patrick:

You haven’t seen “Blazing Saddles”? Why not? It’s hilarious! Especially the extended version with the multiple attempts at Mongo.

I thought simply saying Mel Brooks’ humor wasn’t my bag would be enough to shut people up:

Not really into Mel Brooks’ brand of humor.

Then my own college roommate, John, chimed in:

I find that odd, considering how much you like the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker movies. Blazing Saddles is probably his best work. The racial humour is top notch and totally could not be done today. This movie is often credited with killing the Western movie genre for more than a decade.

So…they wanted me to elaborate further. What? Ask a former professional writer who used to get paid by the column inch to ELABORATE further on something? Game ON!

 I liked The Producers remake but hated Spaceballs. Had no desire to see Robin Hood Men In Tights. My friend Brad has yammered so much about BS I almost don’t even need to see it. Mel Brooks is an owner of EGOT awards and I respect him but am not into such blatant self deprecating comedy.

Then one of Brad’s dog show acquaintances, Deborah,  had to give HER two cents:

 Much as we all adore Brad, I have learned that on certain subjects, it is best to stick your fingers in your ears and say loudly “Your lips are moving, you are speaking, but I can’t hear you.”. This is said with affection.

That being said, Blazing Saddles is a very funny movie. I have seen it innumerable times.

I’m a huge Mel Brooks fan, though. I saw The Producers as a small child (I have NO idea why my mother thought it was an appropriate film to take me to. But I am forever grateful to her for fostering my already inappropriate sense of humor.), and there was no turning back.

Clearly it was time for me to put the hammer down! I didn’t want to insult this peanut gallery who obviously had tremendous respect for Mel Brooks. But I still had to draw my line in the sand…I was starting to feel like blowing a bunch of smoke at everyone – like the woman in the picture below, whom incidentally was married to Mel Brooks until she died in 2005:


Anne Bancroft, who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.

I appreciate everyone’s adoration for Mel Brooks and Blazing Saddles. I have zero interest in seeing it. I respect that Brooks is a Hollywood legend, and it’s not everyone who can say they have an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony. And to top it all off, he was married to “Mrs. Robinson” from “The Graduate. ” It’s perfectly OK for me to respect the comic -and not enjoy their style of comedy.

The dog show woman politely conceded, but John had to have one last little comment:

You’d watch it for Randolph Scott.


Western actor Randolph Scott is the subject of one of Blazing Saddles’ iconic quotes (or something like that)

Sigh. Maybe one day I’ll get around to seeing Blazing Saddles. But it will because I WANT to see it, and not because someone said that I SHOULD see it! Certainly not just because it’s on a stupid American Film Institute list of the best comedies ever made! 🙂

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