Trivia Recap – December 30, 2018 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

Answers in the comments…except for the visual round, I didn’t write down those answers. 
I hadn’t been to Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a Sporcle Live trivia game in four months, so I thought I’d pay ’em a visit before the year is done! A couple of my trivia teammates were watching a bowl game in our ‘hood in which the team they DIDN’T want to win was decimating the competition. Sigh, these things happen in sportsball! Always remember your team has a 50 percent chance of winning – unless it’s a soccer game that COULD end in a draw! Maybe try rooting for teams that are good…like, say…Alabama (which irritated Brad when I mentioned this to him later, LOL – football fans can be SO touchy)!
The only competition I was concerned about on this evening was the trivia competition! My main “competitors” in the room were another “soloist” aka One is the Loneliest Number, league teams Let’s Get It (unsure if Mark was playing with them on this night or not), Golden Geese, Unicorns Frolicking Under a Rainbow and Whitmore Lake Wizards. Aside from two multi-element final questions that I couldn’t quite get correct, I didn’t do TOO badly! I pulled a couple of rough regular round answers from my ass, which was kind of exciting! It’s rough when you’re playing by yourself and you know SOME key elements of a final question answer that you might be able to get if you had another brain in the mix (vis a vis that Tom Hanks “real life movie characters” final in game one). I knew one of the words in the title of one of them, and I knew the “gist” of another (so, so frustrating)!
And the questions…
Game One
1. Food – What Italian dish consists of layers of pasta sauce, cheese and meat or vegetables and its name comes from the Latin and Greek words for “cooking pot?” 10
2. ’80s Movies – Audio clue of 1989 film where a New Year’s Eve party countdown is occurring, 9
Iconic scene from that film…
3. ’00s Music – Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans and Perfect Situation are the highest-charting hits for what band? Pulled right guess from my ass for 3 – had David been in attendance I probably could have wagered much, much higher (I gotta feeling)!
4. Texas – At the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto, what three-word phrase was uttered by troops under Sam Houston’s command, referring to an event that occurred several months earlier? 8
5. College Football – Who was named the most recent Heisman Trophy winner in December, 2018? Speaking of frustrating…this guy was on TV with his name showing before the game began! Did I have the foresight to remember what it was? Did the Sooners win the Orange Bowl? Nope and NOPE! Miss for 1.
6. Weird Fiction – What “Great Old One” species and fictional cosmic entity was introduced in a 1928 work by author H.P. Lovecraft? 7
7. Weird Reality – In astrobiology, the letters E and T in SETI stand for Extra and Terrestrial. What do the letters S and I stand for? A second answer in the game pulled from my ass (too bad I would use up my luck getting regular round questions correct and not have any remaining luck for the final questions), got this for 4 ON A GUESS.
8. U.S. Geography – There are three U.S. states that were not part of the “Original 13” colonies that share at least three borders with states that were original colonies. Name two of those states – name all three for a bonus point. Managed to get two correct states at last call, but didn’t have quite enough time to come up with a third (though I could have – the third state WAS on my list). Yay, I got a question correct because I knew it and not just because I pulled the answer from my ass! There is hope after all…only got this for 2 (I took so long to answer it that I didn’t want to go big). I came up with a mnemonic device a while ago that allows me to remember the names of all of the 13 colonies (it’s helped tremendously in trivia games). Here’s a weird sentence that encompasses all but three of those colonies – “George Custer Met Many Sioux – No Victory – No New Rifles.” It’s not perfect, since there is more than one state beginning with “N,” and more than one beginning with “M.” Perhaps I’ll tweak it a bit as a New Year’s resolution!
9. Artists – German artist Max Ernst was married to an art collector with the first name Peggy from 1941 to 1946, whom was part of a family famous for philanthropic contributions to the art world. What was her last name? Another good guess for 5 (the WGN network was showing the 1989 Batman movie on Christmas day, which is why I had this name in my head, believe it or not). The name used in the movie is a variation on that name…
Yep, this helped me come up with the correct answer! Who says watching movies can’t help you in a trivia game?
10. Theme Songs – Name two of the three adjectives used to describe Sponge Bob in the theme song for the series. Nope for 6.
Mystery – This Day in History – on this day in:
1. 1890 – The Battle of Wounded Knee occurred in what U.S. state
2. 1870 – First professional baseball game played in what Caribbean country (there was more to this question but I didn’t write it all down)
3. 1916 – A Portrait of The Artist As a Young Man was first published by what Irish writer
4. 1947 – the star of Cheers and A Good Place was born
Missed #1 on a coin toss (picked Tweedle Dee state instead of Tweedle Dum state, LOL)
Scores: Ten teams, scores 22 to 62 with Too Many Margaritas in first. Golden Geese were in second with 61, Let’s Get It was in third with 60, I was in fourth with 57 and OITLN was in fifth with 54.
Final Category – Acting Resumes
Tom Hanks has appeared in five theatrically-released films released since 2010 in which he plays a character that is also a real person. Name three of those five films.
Came up with one correct one right away. Then my brain started to betray me. Dammit what was that movie that had that one word in its title? And what was the name of that movie that was about that one woman? What about the name of that movie where that… thing crashes into the water? You see where I’m going with this…(fail)! Yep, my brain wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders here! But hey, I haven’t really followed Tom Hanks’ career very closely since he stopped doing comedies (which was a really, really, really long time ago). I kind of wish he’d never won those two consecutive Oscars. That pretty much dashed anyone’s hopes that they would ever make a Bachelor Party 2, Joe Vs. The Volcano 2, Big 2, The Money Pit 2 (oh the horror) or a reboot of Bosom Buddies. Isn’t his son Colin Hanks still doing comedies? House Bunny (I digress)!
Game winners: OITLN, 74; Let’s Get It, 78.
Game Two
1. Flight – What was the third country – after the Soviet Union and the U.S. – to achieve human space flight? Got this for 3, but had my trivia “pardner”  Mike been playing we would have gone much, much higher. See what I did there?
2. Movie Firsts – What was the first full-length feature film to have been entirely computer animated? Complete (educated) guess for 4.
3. Slogans – “With a name like (blank), it has to be good?” fill in the blank of this advertising slogan, got this for 10.
4. Halls of Fame – Established in 1936, what sports hall of fame’s motto is “Preserving history, honoring excellence, connecting generations?” Mike from OITLN – whom was stting a couple of seats away – asked me, “Did you put (this) or (that)?” “Neither,” I said (hell I had a 25 percent chance of being correct here), miss for 2.
5. Toys – What toy line was launched by MGA Entertainment in 2016 and consists of tiny dolls wrapped in seven layers of packaging? This was the FB clue, 9.
6. Spinoffs – The Facts of Life was a spin-off of what series that ran from 1978 to 1986? 8
7. Plays – When placed in alphabetical order, name either of the two last plays in William Shakespeare’s first folio when excluding the articles a, an and the from the titles. Name both for a bonus point. Managed to get one, but not both for 5.
8. Musicals – What city is mentioned by name in The Music Man and is located 25 miles from downtown Chicago? I have never, ever seen The Music Man. Nor have I ever studied anything about it…what was that guy’s name? Harold Hill? Yes, this officially exhausts all of my knowledge about that musical. Miss for 6.
9. Country Music (I was saving my one point slip for this and would be terribly pissed if I would wind up knowing the answer) – In a 1987 Randy Travis hit song, what four words describe how long he’s “gonna love you?” I was thinking…”Until the cows come home?” Nope, too many words…”Until the sun rises?” Nah, that would make him sound too much like a man whore. Maybe he WAS a man whore. I honestly don’t know (or care). How about “Until the world ends?” I knew that was way too “goth” to be in a country song, but that is what I put out of desperation. Miss for 1.
10. World Cities – What city in Israel has been called Shalem, Zion and the City of David? Nice softball to end a tough round (though it did take me a few seconds to come up with the name because of exhausting my brain power on that Randy Travis question), 7.
Visual mystery – 
Yep. An all-sports visual round nearly depressed me enough to write my OWN country song! Let’s see…”My wife shot my dog and stole my truck…” is that a good opening line? I had NO CLUES on any of these…
I don’t have the scores for this other than that I had 46 points going into the final. Sporcle Live with Liz said she had to re-do all of the scores after the final was done, and I didn’t have the time to stick around and wait (plus I knew I failed the final question).
Final Category – U.S. Government
Christopher Wray is the current head of a U.S. federal agency. Name the two previous appointed heads of that agency.
A team sitting at a table behind me unwittingly gave me a little “lifeline” when they were discussing their answer. “Isn’t he the head of (blank)?” That was actually enough for me to come up with one of the correct guys (thanks loud guys)! I had no idea on the second person, though.
Do not know how this game ended…
We have one trivia outing planned for next week, which will be another “special engagement.” We’re trying to have some off-season fun (it’s great for ratings if nothing else). See y’all next year! Don’t you just love being able to say that? All of that said…Go Pods, and stay classy, Mrs. Garrett!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – December 30, 2018 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

  1. Game One

    1. Lasagna
    2. When Harry Met Sally
    3. Weezer
    4. Remember the Alamo
    5. Kyler Murray
    6. Cthulhu
    7. Search Intellilgent
    8. TN WV VT
    9. Guggenheim
    10. Yellow porous observant

    Mystery – North Dakota, Cuba, James Joyce, Ted Danson

    Final: Captain Phillips, Mr. Banks, Bridge of Spies, sully, The Post

    game two

    1. China
    2. toy Story
    3. Smuckers
    4. Baseball
    5. LOL Surprise
    6. Diff’rent Strokes
    7. A Winter’s Tale, Two Gentlemen from Verona
    8. Gary
    9. Forever and ever amen
    10. Jerusalem

    visual mystery: do not have those answers

    Final: James Comey, Robert Mueller

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