Trivia Recap – December 28, 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse

We decided to do our most recent trivia night at J.B.’s Smokehouse BBQ (aka the restaurant/bar inside the Busch’s grocery store in Canton) a bit differently! A couple of ‘Pods ( Mike and Brad) split off and played as a duo, and I assembled an all-female lineup and played under the name “GDX,” which is the moniker we’ve used for such games before. Rounding out team GDX in addition to myself were Kimberly, Kirsten and Cathy – all players on the Downriver league team Sparty On – and Ang, whom was my previous trivia “partner in crime” a couple of years ago, and has also played with the team More Beer Less Pants. We missed only three regular round questions and one of the “halftime” questions, so points-wise, we did…quite well! Sadly, the final question wound up destroying us (no teams wound up getting it correct), so no prizes for us!
So how did the ‘Pods guys do? Not too bad! They had perfect scores going into the halftime round, struggled a bit in the second half. They decided to wisely wager zero on the final question, but didn’t land in the “money” zone.
Maybe the “bonus bar” enticement helped lure in more teams this time? There were 11 teams playing in game one, which was quite the surprise for the “rookie” host Gene!
Read on to see how team GDX – AND “Team #6” (the name Mike and Brad used after failing to agree upon a team name) did on these questions!
Round One
1. Web Sites – Established in 1995 and still active, match dot com was one of the first web sites dedicated solely to what? It’s NOT the collection of matchbooks 😉 Both teams got for 5.
2. NASA – Launched in November, 2018, the InSight probe aims to study the deep interior of what planet? Thankfully Cathy and Kirsten were both all over this, our team usually leans on Mike for these questions. Interestingly, Mike (the persnickety smarty pants that he is, LOL), pointed out that the probe LANDED in November and was launched in May (Gene announced this clarification on the mic). Both teams got this for 3.
3. Music – Founded in 1959, what Detroit-based record company called its building “Hitsville U.S.A.?” Both teams 1.
Round Two
1. Holiday Traditions – Since 1952, what TV network has been the official broadcasting partner for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? 5 for us, 3 for Mike and Brad.
2. TV Personalities – What comedian and TV personality penned a 2009 book called Here’s the Deal – Don’t Touch Me? We got for 3, Mike and Brad got for 5.
3. Dr. Seuss – Which Dr. Seuss work was adapted into a 1966 TV special and feature films in 2000 and 2018? For a three-point bonus, first published in 1937, fill in the blanks in the title of this Dr. Seuss work – And To Think That I Saw It on (Blank)? Both of our teams got this for 1 plus the three point bonus.
Round Three
1. Military Men – Because of his successes in a remote area of the world, what was the two-word nickname of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel? My first big “hit” for the answer. Though I don’t think Angie believed me when I told her the story behind this guy’s nickname! Both teams got this for 5.
I told Angie that Erwin Rommel got his nickname because he was so “foxy.” She wasn’t buying it! Later in the game, when the Bowie song Ashes to Ashes was playing, I told her that I thought it would be a good song to use in the movie Labyrinth. And I said…”You know what? Someone should do a re-make of that Labyrinth movie.” I KNEW this was one of her beloved childhood movies and that she would be incredulous! It’s fun yanking her chain! Sometimes she feels like the younger sister I never had…
2. Architecture – Designed by I.M. Pei, what is the shape of the large glass metal polyhedron sitting in front of the Louvre? Both teams got this for 3.
3. Singers – In what country was the offbeat singer Bjork born? This prompted a lively discussion about how this singer supposedly punched out a photographer after she got off a plane. I defended her actions, saying “Well, she was probably in some really poor lighting and was pissed off that someone was taking her picture when she just got off a plane.” The poor dear is so pale being that she’s from (this country)…I’m sure she had her reasons (I get you, Bjork)! Both of our teams got this for 1.
Halftime – According to the 1948 edition of The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, there are six cocktails listed as ones that every bartender should know. Name four of those six drinks.
We worked really, really hard on this – but we only managed to get three out of four correct (nice work all of you)! Ironically, Cathy (the only non-drinker at the table) was the point woman on this question! Nicely done…
Halftime scores: We were tied for first at the half with Team Indecisive with 36 points. The ‘Pods “guys” were third with 32 points (they only got one of the cocktail questions correct).
Round Four
1. Flags – What country’s flag uses 12 colors and the mahogany, which is their national tree? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Vitamins – What is the alphanumeric name for Thiamine? Miss for 2.
3. Newspapers – The Journal-Constitution is the only major daily newspaper in what major metropolitan area? We discussed several cities, but when Cathy said “that” city, I said “Yes, that’s it!” And thankfully it WAS it! Got it for 4, the “guys” missed this one for 2. In other newspaper trivia news, I recently learned that Genesee County is the largest metro area in the U.S. that is NOT serviced by a daily newspaper (Jesus can Flint EVER get a break for anything)? Sigh…
Round Five
1. Automakers – What Swedish automaker introduced the three-point seat belt? There was more to this question, but I didn’t write it all down, got this for 4, the “guys” got it for 2.
2. Dances – The tango dance originated in the 1880s along a river between Argentina and what other country? I didn’t say anything to my teammates, but the reason I knew this one is because of lyrics from Evita (I was singing some of the lines in the car on the way home – the river is identified by name in lyrics of the song Buenos Aires). Also Eva was dating a tango singer before she met Juan Peron (who says Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals can’t help you with trivia questions)! We only got this for 2, but I was pretty excited! The “guys” got this one for 4.
The “tango” scene from Addams Family Values.
3. Plants – What plant known for its edible fruit was originally named “mad apple” by Europeans? Both of our teams missed this for 6.
Round Six
1. Food Dishes – Created in the late 19th century, what meat dish is named for the American physician who came up the recipe? Miss for 6 for the “guys,” we missed it for 2.
2. Holiday Music – According to Nielsen Soundscan, at 3.2 million digital downloads, what artist or group has had the most downloads of a holiday song with two times as many as the artist in second place? Angie: “Just write it down…” We got this for 4, the “guys” missed it for 2.
3. Vampires (Angie was really excited about this category) – The “Count” on Sesame Street has what can be described as arrhythmia, which is a compulsion to do what? Both of our teams got this – us for 6, the “guys” for 4.
“The Count” didn’t seem that disturbing when I watched Sesame Street as a kid!
We had 62 points going into the final, and were in second behind a team who had 64 points. The “guys” had 48 points going into the final.
Final Category – Donations
Ted Turner donated $1 billion to what organization in 1997 – which was one of the largest single donations ever made? Some other “clues” we had were that the organization’s goals include refugees, children, finding land mines and fighting disease. All of these things pointed us in the wrong direction…oh well…
Game winners:
Beasts of Bourbon, 52; Mindy, 59; Indecisive, 64.
We’re discussing whether we are going to continue playing here every Thursday. We started visiting here in late November under the idea that we would “try out” this place – dip our toes into the water, as it were. Stay tuned, we’ll keep y’all informed as to what we decide! Our next trivia outing will be…soon! Saturday is a distinct possibility (I want to hit up some spots I haven’t visited much lately before the end of the year for some strange reason).  As always, Go Pods, Go GDX, and stay classy, Howie Mandel! We’ll try not to touch you! Though when you make THAT big of a deal about it 🤔

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