Trivia Recap – December 27, 2018 – Corner Brewery

We managed to assemble a “trio” for the Sporcle With Tim trivia scene Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti). Trivia crowds were lighter than usual because of it being a holiday week, which is ONE of the reasons we decided to hit up the trivia scene! We also wanted a chance to get a group of ‘Pods together for trivia before the new year, it’s been kind of difficult to get more than 2-3 players together on any given trivia night over the past month. We didn’t win any prizes or get any final questions correct! The final category “2018 music” isn’t one of the strongest for most players on our team, though we do have one “loaner” player who MIGHT get excited about that category. And here are the questions…
Game One
1. Celebrations – What celebration that begins on December 26 is based around seven principles – including unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith? 10
A ‘bot representing this holiday from Futurama
2. More Celebrations – What celebration falls on December 26 and is a major shopping day in the U.K. and Canada and is similar to “Black Friday” in the U.S.? I was commenting earlier that there is no way Canadians or Brits could compare to Americans when it comes to the consumerist feeding frenzy that is Black Thursday/Friday (which is probably a good thing), got this for 9.
3. Sci-Fi Novels – What 1985 novel by Orson Scott card is sset sometime in the future where humanity prepares for a third invasion from the Formics, an insect-like species? 8
4. Managers – Larry Rothschild, Hal McRae and Lou Pinella were the first three managers in which MLB franchise? Turns out David and I were both thinking of the same team which would have wound up being correct – but unfortunately, that wasn’t the team name that went on the slip (seriously how weird is THAT though), miss for 1.
5. Slogans – Name either of the two words that fill in the blanks of a Kodak slogan from the early 2000s – “Share (blank), share (blank).” Name both for a bonus point. Did not know either, miss for 2.
6. Populations – After China, what is the most populous country with a common English name that includes the letter “h?” I made a very cogent argument for the country that “Has a crap ton of people and lots of them die in flash floods and stuff.” This country would have been correct, but we put down a different populous country with a “crap ton” of people, miss for 4. Committee thinking (it happens)!
7. TV Competitions – What athlete starred in an ABC reality series that aired two seasons from 2009 to 2019 and featured him facing off against world class athletes in their own sports? Miss for 3.
8. Applications – What mobile app that is included on IOS devices allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, ID cards, tickets and credit cards – among other things? Thank goodness this was a FB clue, 7.
9. Government Positions – Michael Brown served as the administrator of what government agency from 2003 to 2005 before resigning following Hurricane Katrina? 6
10. The Earth – Which layer of earth makes up 84 percent of the earth’s volume? I THINK I wrote 84 percent (sometimes I can’t even read my own writing), got this for 5.
Mystery – What sport am I (progressive, give answer based on confidence in the following clues, which begin with the more vague clues)
1. According to worldatlas dot com, I am the second most popular sport in the world after soccer, with 2.5 billion followers
2. Other than the 1900 Summer Olympics, I haven’t been an Olympics sport, but I do have a world cup next scheduled to be held in 2019
3. Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, and Mohammad Abbas and Rohit Sharma are among my best players
4. I have many different forms, including first class, limited, and single wicket
This is proof that the non-American versions of some sports are definitely more ballsy than the American counterparts! Rugby players don’t wear any padding, American football players…do. Would you be more scared of being struck with this thing – or a traditional baseball bat? Survey says? Every year I ask Santa for one of these things but he never brings me one (LOL)!
We were PRETTY sure of our answer based on the first clue, but have been burned too many times by jumping the gun on this type of mystery round. Then the second clue threw us for a bit of a loop with the “world cup” thing, managed to be really sure of our answer by clue #3.
We had 52 points heading into the final and were in fifth place.
Final Category – World Geography
The world’s third-most visited sacred site, after temples in Japan and India, is the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is located in what national capital city?
Wagered and overthought…came up with what would have been correct answer immediately…
Game Two
1. Awards – Which major public sports league introduced the Sager Strong Award in 2017 named in honor of Craig Sager? Miss for 1.
2. The Human Body – The pulmonary vein returns oxygenated blood from the lungs into which of the four heart chambers? Again, had a 25 percent chance of getting the right answer…miss for 3. Should I have rolled a d4?
3. Soft Drinks – What variety of Mountain Dew was released in stores in 2014 after 10 years of being exclusive to Taco Bell? Obviously none of our players that night had made a recent enough of a “run to the border,” miss for 2. Can we get a break in this game?
4. Collaborations – Norah Jones, BB King and Van Morrison all collaborated with what singer on a Grammy nominated album released posthumously in 2004? Thought for a bit…and thought…and then I asked Dave the right question: “What was that biopic about that (actor’s name) was in?” Sometimes two brains work better than one! And sometimes three brains working together will still do a “duh” face (oh the trials and tribulations of pub trivia). Got this for 4.
5. Numbers – What is the smallest positive number with exactly six divisors? Dave the big smarty pants here for 10.
6. Talk Shows – What long-running talk show debuted in 1986 under the topic “How to marry the man or woman of your choice?” Dave’s brain firing on all cylinders again, 5.
7. Soundtracks – Audio clue of 1982 film featuring Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes, had to ID the movie (I insisted on writing the answer on the slip for this one…), got for 9.
8. Salads – What salad of Russian origin which includes fish, cheese, boiled eggs, onions and mayor is named for a yellow flowering plant which shares its name with a certain orange infused cocktail? We thought about the right cocktail, just didn’t think it was also a salad…and a flower. Miss for 6. Should have wagered higher on “talk shows” or “collaborations!”
9. Video Games – “Fractured, But Whole” is the most recently released game for consoles based on what animated TV show? Mike correctly figured out that this game’s name was a play on words and came up with correct guess for 8.
10. World Geography – Opened in 1869, what artificial waterway has been called the “Highway to India?” For an extra bonus point, identify, within 20 miles, how long this waterway is. Missed the bonus, got for 7 points.
Visual mystery – 
Got all of these (almost put down wrong guy for #1, stopped Dave as he was getting ready to hand in the answer slip)
In fifth with 51 points heading into the final.
Final Category – 2018 Music
Drake was one of three artists to have three songs each among the top 15 of the Billboard 2018 Year End Hot 100. (Either as a lead artist of a featured artist) Name one of the other two.
Tim asked us all to name two, but said if nobody got both correct would accept one answer as being correct. I had kind of stopped paying attention to the game by this point (we wagered zero on this), unsure if anyone got both artists correct. We finished in fourth this game, missed the money by just a hair (oh well).
We’ll be out for a game tonight, so I will have a recap posted later Friday afternoon (I have to work later Friday than I was originally scheduled, oh boy do I love this time of year…not). A Saturday game is NOT being ruled out (updates will be posted on this blog site). We will be out for trivia sometime next week, Thursday for sure, will play by ear as to what other nights we might head out. Happy new year in advance to all! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy Gary Oldman when you’re playing that sleazy drug dealer guy in The Professional! Or playing Dracula, or Sid Vicious, or Beethoven (isn’t he just so versatile, he waited way too long to get an Oscar).

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