Now I’m Kind Of Curious About This “Tame” Deadpool Movie…

Sometimes if it weren’t for questions in trivia games I wouldn’t know what the Hell was going on  in the outside world (LOL)! We had a question Thursday night about which “kid unfriendly” superhero sequel was getting a PG-13 makeover for the holidays. I’d never heard of this development, but correctly guessed that it was, of course, Deadpool 2. I mean…what ELSE could it be? Watchmen? Logan? These are among the highest-grossing R-rated comic book adaptations at the U.S. box office. The movie 300 is also on that list, but I didn’t mention that one earlier because it’s not a “superhero” movie.


“The Comedian” from the 2009 film Watchmen. He’s my favorite character in this movie, despite his brutality. Or is it BECAUSE of his brutality? I don’t want to overanalyze myself!  Watchmen is the only “comic”  graphic novel I’ve ever read, though I have been “told” that I should also read Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

I guess I can “kind of” understand the motivation behind making a “kinder, gentler” Deadpool 2. Bring it to a wider audience. Make more money. Give actor Fred Savage a job (more about him later) I get it. But in “my” dream world, I want to see more “family unfriendly” comic book and animated films! You can read more about that in this other blog I wrote. You may say that I’m a dreamer…

I’m a big fan of the Deadpool movies. And it’s not just the unrelenting violence, profanity,  sexual situations and utter lack of little kids in the theater audiences that make me love them. It’s the dialogue. Ryan Reynolds’ smarmy persona absolutely embodies these movies. He’s a big bundle of irony all wrapped up in a sleek red and black bodysuit kind of reminiscent of a harlequin. He’s fearless and tough as nails, yet has a soft spot for ’80s adult contemporary hit songs (vis a vis You’re the Inspiration by Chicago). He is a romantic fool for his girlfriend Vanessa, yet ruthless with the countless bad guys he deals with on a daily basis. And he’s funny – as deadly with the one-liners as he is with his guns that he almost always seems to leave behind. I would bet money that a good deal of Ryan Reynolds’ dialogue in both of the Deadpool films is ad-libbed. Allowing Ryan Reynolds any other freedom would be akin to putting a muzzle on him. Now I can totally see him putting on a muzzle in one of his movies and getting kinky with Vanessa!


Fred Savage in a scene from Once Upon a Deadpool (PG-13 version of Deadpool 2).

Yes, my morbid curiosity wants to know how they will manage to “tame” Deadpool 2 into a PG-13 affair. I’m also curious because Reynolds INSISTED that Fred Savage (whom most Gen-X’ers know best as Kevin from the 1980s TV series Wonder Years) be in the PG-13 version of the film (you can read more about that in this article).  Another “condition” Reynolds stipulated for participating in a PG-13 overhaul was that a portion of proceeds be donated to charity ($1 for every ticket sold will go to the “F— Cancer campaign). I think judging from this photo there is some kind of Princess Bride-ish spoof involving bedtime stories, which will DEFINITELY appeal to the nerdy Gen-X crowd! My husband pretty much knows The Princess Bride like the back of his hand. Speaking of my husband…

Today, my husband and I are going to see the new Bumblebee movie. I bought the tickets yesterday as sort of an early Christmas present for my husband, who’s always adored the feisty yellow Transformer. He’s especially excited about this movie for a couple of reasons – one – the reviews coming in are pretty good – and two, Bumblebee turns into a Volkswagen Beetle in this one (he’s a big fan of “Bugs”). We were in Meijer yesterday afternoon and he said he wanted to go to the toy aisles. I KNEW what he wanted to look for! So we perused the Transformers display of toys, and I said I would buy him one. He’s already taken the thing out of the box and played with it and I didn’t get a chance to take a pic before he did that, so here’s a photo of a reasonable facsimile of his new toy:


This is fancier/more expensive than the one I bought for him, but meh…close enough!



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