A Thanks To All Of The “Guest Stars” We’ve Had Over The Years

Has my trivia team had more “guest stars” then The Love Boat? I honestly don’t know and am not going to even TRY researching that answer! In a weird twist, my husband and I will be “guest stars” on another trivia team today, when we venture to the Plymouth ROC bar in Plymouth, MI. I have “sat in” with a couple of other teams over the years, but far more people have done so with our team. Here’s a list of some of the “guest stars” we’ve had playing with us over the past nearly six years (semifinal/finals games only):

Archie C., Mike W., Scott L., Chris L., ???? (father of previous two guys at tourney in January, 2013 where I was not present), Nina B., Damon B., Kevin N.,  Kevin S., Kimberly S., Stacy L., Joshua C., David C., Evan H., Adam G., and Matt S.

I have no idea what to even expect today. I’ve never met the people we’re playing with, all I can kind of “figure” is that if they managed to qualify for a finals just as a “duo” AND managed to get the tough final question correct about session musicians? They must not be TOO shabby! It will be nice if we help fill in “blanks” that they need us to fill, knowledge-wise. This will be like a “blind double date,” for sure!

It will be nice just wearing “civvies” today and not one of my trademarked garish purple and green ensembles! I don’t have TOO many excuses to wear purple tights, after all…(though I did wear them to a recent family dinner at Knight’s Steakhouse in Ann Arbor). My mom said she liked ’em. Pity on my poor mother for attempting to “girlify” me so much in my early years – dressing me up in all of those dresses/knee socks/tights – it must have made her grin to see me willingly wear a skirt and tights to their 50th anniversary dinner! Sometimes I can be a bit of a suck-up…


LOL I’m probably the most “normal” looking of this bunch! The “guest stars” Mike and Archie are wearing the fezzes/Hawaiian shirts. I call this shot The Usual Suspects. Nope, we’re not one of those trivia teams that blends into the woodwork on tournament day!

We don’t ALWAYS wear the purple and green at tournaments. In April, 2018, my husband and I decided to wear “superhero” T-shirts instead. He wore his Deadpool T-shirt (and Deadpool socks), and I wore my Thor T-Shirt. We wound up winning some prize money that day (despite being shorthanded).


Accessories are SO important! You’re never fully dressed without a plush cephalopod! This one is from the April, 2018 finals – we arrived home only to learn that all of the local watering holes were closed due to a power outage. Archie (second from right) came to the rescue – invited us to his house and served up some high-octane Moscow mules.

I’ll be sure to report on how we do today – for good – or for ill! Recap most likely not posted until Sunday.


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