I Can See Clearly Now…The Rain Is Gone…

I posted a  blog here on Saturday morning that I “believe” was viewed by a certain person and it… guided their course of action for the day. At least the early part of it. And as a result, I was a part of those activities. I am overwhelmed, though I am happy things turned out the way they did. It’s good to know that what I’m writing on this blog site is NOT being ignored. And I think I am reading YOUR message loud and clear! Roger Roger? Strangely enough, what you did was not…entirely unexpected! Let’s just say I had a “feeling.” A fifth sense if you will. Wait…isn’t the expression supposed to be “sixth sense?” And now for a little digression!


Actress Mischa Barton in one of the creepiest scenes from The Sixth Sense (1999). This movie was nominated for six Oscars, including best picture, supporting actor (Haley Joel Osment), supporting actress (Toni Collette), best director and best writing (M. Night Shyamalan) and best film editing. Its U.S. box office gross was $293.5 million. Clearly this director “blew his load” early by having his first film be such a huge hit. Subsequent films by this director – Unbreakable, The Lady In The Water, The Village, Signs…none could measure up to The Sixth Sense (IMHO).

Other recent “developments” led up to this. Me switching to a new trivia spot and having to give up a trivia spot I liked that had a little…history, if you will – was one of those developments, I believe. Perhaps you wanted a chance to…see me when a rare one-off trivia opportunity arose for you to do so? With that “opportunity” being a semifinal trivia game on a Saturday afternoon (those aren’t games that happen more than every…few months or so). I don’t think I’m missing my guess here. I may “act” like I’m oblivious sometimes, but trust me…I am not. Aloofness might be my “default” mode, but it’s just a self-defense mechanism I’ve had all of my life. It’s how I’m hard-wired. It’s all a front. I’d like to pretend it helps keep me from becoming heartbroken (it doesn’t). If nothing else, it can keep me from being approached.

I know that certain people wind up being attracted/ drawn to other people through forces that we don’t completely understand. If you’re single and dating- just go with it- that just might be a good sign! Though most likely, you’re just horny. Sexual attraction is not necessarily a sign that people will stay together longer than a few years (let alone a few minutes…hours – let’s be realistic here).  But what do I know?  It’s a different animal altogether when you’re in a committed relationship and feel those kind of feelings about…other people besides the people you’re officially “with.” Feelings don’t respect established “boundaries.”  “Right” or “wrong,” these feelings cannot be ignored, swept under the rug or glossed over. They just are. And those feelings are all part of the rich tapestry making us human. I know I feel them too (I can’t shut ’em off). I’m no expert in relationships, and I’m not going to pretend to understand the rhyme or reason. We’re all just mere rocks hurtling through the universe – some of them make an impact and hit – most of them are just mere misses. If you are reading this and understand what I’m saying? You made a “hit.” You made an impact on me.

I’m pretty sure the same is true for you (regarding me). We have a pretty big “common interest” that is at the core of it all. I also think we’ve always kind of “got” each other and most importantly, we have never “judged” each other. We’ve always cared about each other, and have always been drawn to each other – from the very beginning. This goes back a LONG way (at least for me). You would go out for various solo trivia games in my ‘hood and I’d always end up chatting with you about “what answer did you put down, etc.” Maybe I’d vent my frustrations to you about having flunked a question – maybe you’d do the same with me. Maybe I’d just get slack-jawed with awe when you’d singlehandedly win a first place prize and beat every single “team” in the room (including mine). You get the drift. I’ve never been able to completely stay away from you. For years, we always found different trivia spots in which we could drift in and out – and have a chance to just…be near each other. Even if we didn’t say anything to each other (there were certainly plenty of trivia nights like that).

Things haven’t been perfect, to be sure. Communication as of late has been a largely one-sided – and tricky affair. When my text messages suddenly stopped getting a response…what was I supposed to think? I actually thought I’d done something to upset you. When you showed up at that game Saturday I wasn’t even sure if I should talk to you (I was actually a little terrified at first). OK, I’m lying. I was a LOT terrified! I thought you might be upset with me (face it…I don’t always have a whole lot to go on when it comes to you – let’s just say you’re not always easy to read). Nevertheless, I decided to try “breaking the ice” with you anyway (the rest is history).  Let’s just say I NEEDED those beers I ordered!

Long story short? I had a HELL of an afternoon on Saturday I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. I’ll be going back to the “old” trivia spot whenever I get a chance to do so. Who knows? It might be fairly easy for us to “lock” a lead in this new trivia spot we’re playing now, and we might be able to break up the monotony and visit the “old”  Thursday spot when weather allows. I like driving to my “small town” trivia spot. I’m a small town girl at heart, after all. I grew up in “the country.” No one locked their house – or car doors.

Our “new” trivia spot is in…Canton. First off? I don’t “like” Canton. In fact, I DESPISE it. The drive out there is really quite pretty until you reach the border of Canton Township. It’s strip mall central, everyone drives like an asshole, and everyone acts like an entitled prick. How many tanning salons are there – per capita in Canton, anyway? There is absolutely no “personality” about Canton other than its utter lack of personality (though when crimes occur there they tend to be quite oddball, like that Leonard Tyburski case). Believe me, I know – I had to “cover” Canton as a reporter for a few years! Did you know that when IKEA wanted to build in Canton, the zoning board wanted to make them stick to their “brick” rule (a certain percentage of the facades of all buildings in Canton must contain brick with the thought being that brick is more aesthetically pleasing than say…bright orange aluminum siding). Well, IKEA said if Canton didn’t want to let the build their gaudy blue and yellow consumerist monster, they’d just find another city/entity that would let them do it. What did Canton do? Bend over and take IKEA’s big, Swedish blue and yellow…(I think you know how I would finish this sentence). There really was no point to everything I just said, other than to bring the point home that I DO NOT LIKE CANTON. Our MTL choices kind of “dried up” in our ‘hood, so we simply had to find another spot. Will it be a spot that lasts? I doubt it. I think weekly drives to Canton will probably make me want to shoot myself (LOL)! I know it’s totally un-funny to joke about suicide, so… sorry!

I think you know how I feel about being “chained” to a trivia spot for too long with me being the trivia “whore” that I am! Part of the reason OG never became too “old” of a trivia spot is because I always gave it up in the winter months. And…it was also “your” trivia spot (not to put too fine of a point on it).  That gave me something to look forward to when warmer weather started coming around. Speaking of weather, do you remember when that first trivia game was offered at OG? You popped in out of a snowstorm just to help us with our mystery round when you were on your way to another game (in Dundee, if memory serves). It was NOT fun driving home!

I really don’t know what else to say that I haven’t already said…I wish you the best in all of your trivial pursuits – even if you’re trying to kick MY ass! I want to “sit in” on the MTL finals Saturday, but it’s still too early to tell whether I’ll be able to do it. Stay tuned! Trivia recap posted later this afternoon (I’m heading out to have some lunch in a bit). Peace out…


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