Trivia Recap (Abbreviated) – Oct. 10, 2017 – Pompei Lounge (Staunton, VA)

In October, 2017, my husband and I took a road trip to Virginia, to visit an old friend who’d moved to the Norfolk/Newport News area. I did two blogs about this trip, which you can read here and here.

For the first couple of nights, we stayed at our friend’s place in Poquoson, VA. The name “Poquoson” means “big swamp.” Really, it does! The local high school’s mascot is a mosquito large enough to carry off an adult human (JK)! The last three nights, we stayed at a Howard Johnson’s motel in Staunton, VA. It wasn’t a fancy place, but the WiFi worked well, a Hardee’s was across the street (we had breakfast there our last day…I like that you can get chicken biscuit sandwiches without eggs).

The motel was also walking distance from downtown, so on our last night in town, we took a little walk and soaked up some of the history (Staunton was founded in the early 1700s). Some of the original buildings there still stand. If you’re someone who doesn’t like huge cities but still wants to soak up some history, give Staunton a look! If you want to visit the birthplace of a mediocre U.S. president, Woodrow Wilson’s birthplace/museum is here.  We did not opt to pay the $14 admission fee to actually “enter” the museum, but we did take a few pictures – and bought some cool souvenir pens!


A view of downtown Staunton. The “Warehouse” sells doll house/miniature accessories and had just opened (it was really cool to see all of the tiny stuff).

On our last night in town, we had some dinner at a Mexican joint. After dinner, we adjourned to the Pompei Lounge, a four-story building which serves up Italian fare in an upscale atmosphere on the first floor (you know…white tablecloths, cloth napkins…fancy pants stuff), and had a more relaxed “lounge” atmosphere on the upper two floors. I can’t remember which floor the trivia room was located in, but it looked very Victorian, and had comfy upholstered chairs in which players could sit.


I think this was one floor lower than the floor in which we played the trivia game, but it looked like this.

And so we signed up for a Geeks Who Drink trivia game with just the two of us. We had kind of a huge round table, and were drinking the $3 bottles of Magic Hat. Happy hour prices lasted until 8 p.m., which is something we’d never seen in any Michigan bars before! Virginia is for happy hour lovers? Hmmm…


Don’t remember this team’s name, but they were THE team to beat at Pompei!

The questions were fired at us in…six rounds? I don’t remember. It was pretty rapid fire stuff, with each question set all being the same category – so if you had a weak category, you had to endure a whole battery of questions in that category! Being that I like to do recaps of trivia games, this definitely was not a good format for me – I didn’t have time to write down the questions. Plus, the game is definitely set up to be a “team” game, where the more players you have, the better you’ll probably do (unless you’re some kind of awesome trivia “savant”). GWD has a six player MAX for all of its games, even regular season games.

So we didn’t make any noise in this Geeks Who Drink game. It was still nice checking out a different trivia league’s game for a night, in a very, very cool old building. My husband said there was a SHOWER in the men’s restroom! Questions abound! Is it ever used? By whom? Has anyone ever passed out in it? Inquiring minds need to know!

Well, that pretty much sums up “One Night In Staunton!” Sounds better coming out of Murray Head…

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