Trivia Recap – Nov. 30, 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse (Canton)

Answers revealed in the comments. This is something I will be “trying” to do with all recaps posted on here from now on…(you’re welcome)! 
Over the past few years, we’ve played in a variety of “quirky” trivia spots. The Moose Lodge in Ypsilanti. A couple of “dive” bars. A downtown Ann Arbor spot where numerous staff members have reported ghost sightings (and one of our players may have been poked in the ribs by that ghost). And now? We can add, “A bar that’s attached to a grocery store” to our list. Just imagine, you’re sitting at a table in the bar/restaurant and in addition to remembering the name of MSU’s longtime basketball coach, you also remember that you need something from the grocery store. Well, you could walk right into the Busch’s store from the restaurant!
A grocery store/bar combo is not something we’ve experienced yet! Now why don’t they make something people could REALLY use – a laundromat/bar combo? What better way to pass the time while waiting for your laundry to dry than having a couple of cold beers?
Our ‘Pods “duo” visited J.B.’s Smokehouse BBQ in Canton Thursday for its debut My Trivia Live night, finished with 62 points and a $20/second place gift card. The game was hosted by MTL rookie Gene, who said he’d on the trivia mic for 8 days. The six rounds still went very smoothly, other than some minor stumbles in pronunciation! Usually it’s the word “cephalopods” that gives some hosts a bit of trouble to say, but this time it was “Miskatonic.” Hey, if nothing else, it gave us a chance to introduce him to our weird “cult!” Welcome, Gene…soon you’ll be one of us (LOL)! We have decided to ditch the ‘Pods name at this new bar, and will instead be using the name “Fast Times at Miskatonic High,” which is a name that Kimberly came up with for us when we played an ’80s movies theme night in July. She also lives nearby, so we may be attempting to bring her from the “bench” to help us out from time to time!
This wasn’t quite hoppy enough to be a “true” pale ale (IMHO), but the spiciness certainly made it very tasty! Scary Jesus Rock Star, from Dark Horse.
The full bar had a nice selection of craft beers and hard ciders, and some “domestic” pickings, too. I liked the “Scary Jesus Rock Star” pale ale from Dark Horse, which upon visiting the Beer Advocate web site I see that it has chamomile in it. Which might explain why I was so calm and mellow after having three pints 😉 Being the early dinner eaters that we are, we did not eat during the trivia game, but the food did look…and smell delicious! The $5 hush puppies on “trivia night” special were kind of tempting!
Before this turns into a sad attempt at a Yelp review, why don’t I get to the game questions?
Round One
1.The Alphabet – What is the 20th letter of the English alphabet? 5
2. Holidays – What American federal holiday is celebrated on the final weekend in May? 3
3. Movie Songs – Do You Want to Build a Snowman? is a song from what popular 2013 animated film? 1
Round Two
1. Religion – In the New Testament, what city is described as the childhood home of Jesus? Hint – it’s also the name of a ’70s rock band whose tunes were good background music for certain persons on our trivia team to have listened to in college while getting stoned and driving around on country dirt roads near Mount Pleasant (ahem)! This “hint” was not given to us in the game… 5
2. Entertainment – In July, 2017, the Blue Man Group was purchased by what French-Canadian flying acrobatic circus? 3
3. Toys – What working toy oven introduced by Kenner in 1963 was later acquired by Hasbro? Got this for 1. For a second there, I briefly reminisced about having one of these as a kid (insidious attempt by a toy company to make little girls want to be “domestic,” LOL), and my mom not being happy with how the little cakes came out. So she decreed I could just bake the little cakes in the “real” oven instead (face palm)! Oh my perfectionist mother! We wound selling the thing in a garage sale. 
Bonus – how many image slots were included on original View Master slides in 1939? Did not attempt to answer this…
Round Three
1. Theme Parks – In what Orlando theme park would you find the Mako – which is touted as the longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world? I’ll bet Sporcle With Tim would know the answer to this one – we guessed a different Orlando theme park, missed for 1.
2. Broadway – “Turn on the Dark” is the subtitle for what 2010s Broadway musical about which superhero? Mike was the superhero for this one, got it for 3.
3. Thanksgiving – What Native American commonly associated with the first Thanksgiving actually went by his full name Tisquanto? 5
Halftime – Given the name of a man who vied unsuccessfully for the U.S. presidency and the year in which he ran, identify which political party to which he belonged.
1. 2012 – Mitt Romney
2. 2000 – Ralph Nader
3. 1800 – John Adams
4. 1968 – Hubert Humphrey
Got all of these for 10 points.
Scores: Six teams, scores 12 to 36 with Fast Times at Miskatonic High and Noelle It Alls tied for first.
Round Four
1. Tennis – What tennis great’s father boxed for Iran at the 1948 and 1952 Olympics? Newsletter bonus, 6
2. Measurements – What system of measurement uses the terms “feet” and “pounds” in contrast with the Metric System? Did not get the name quite right, miss for 4.
3. Communications – What cell phone company known for its “push to talk” feature was acquired by Sprint in 2005? Miss for 2. After doing this poorly in round four, we were a bit worried about round five (which is traditionally a tough round).
Round Five
1. Movies This Decade (this was the “you pick” category chosen by players tonight, the other categories were bodies of water and video games) – Based on Sleeping Beauty, what 2014 film featured Isobelle Molloy, Ella Purnell and Angelina Jolie all playing the same character at different ages? Funny, I recently started “studying” the category of live action Disney films! I also had a weird thought…what if someone got the idea to remake old Looney Tunes shorts into live action pieces? Would we want to see a “real” road runner and coyote go at each other’s throats? A “real” loud-mouthed giant chicken and a barnyard dog doing the same thing? And do we want to see a live action version of Yosemite Sam? 6 🤔
2. T.V. – After 24 years on Bravo, the Ovation network took over what TV series, which is a televised seminar for acting students? 4
3. Musicians – Per his request, when he died in 1981, what musician was buried with a Bible, soccer ball and marijuana? I remembered that this musician – and Rod Stewart – were both skilled footballers before getting into music professionally. Though the “Ganja” clue was the most telling! 2
Nope. You will never be able to un-see this image of Rod Stewart in short shorts! I remember reading that he actually wanted to play for Celtic, which is based in Glasgow.
Round Six
1. Studies – Dendochronologists use what to measure the passage of time? 6
2. Sporting Events – In 2018, the Kentucky Derby started using an official milliner to make what item? We overthought this one a bit, missed for 4.
3. College Sports – For nearly 25 years, Tom Izzo has been the head basketball coach for what university? I know this one is pretty much a “gimme” for most folks, but I’m not really into “sportsball,” so I was excited to get this one! 2
Scores: Four teams, scores 47 to 70, with the Noelle It Alls in first – we were in second with 62 points.
Final Category – Quotes
What animal did Aristotle once say is a “stupid creature – for it will approach a man’s hand if it be lowered in the water but it is neat and thrifty in its habits and lays up stores in its nest and after eating up al that is eatable it ejects the shells of crabs and shellfish and skeletons of little fishes?”
The word “stupid” threw us off and made us make a stupid low wager of only 9…
Final scores: Noelle It Alls, 68; Miskatonic High, 71 Here For the Beer, 94 (they moved up from fourth).
Our next trivia outing will be the Sporcle Live league championship Saturday. As always, we’re not expecting to be the most formidable team in the room at this event! Hell, we weren’t even expecting to be there this season! We’ll do our best to not embarrass ourselves (pffft… no guarantees there)!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Nov. 30, 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse (Canton)

  1. Answers:
    Round one:
    1. T
    2. Memorial Day
    3. Frozen
    Round two:
    1. Nazareth
    2. Cirque Du Soleil
    3. Easy Bake Oven/8
    Round three:
    1. Sea World
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Squanto
    1. Republican
    2. Green
    3. Federalist
    4. Democrat
    Round Four
    1. Andre Agassi
    2. Imperial
    3. Nextel
    Round Five
    1. Maleficent
    2. Inside the Actor’s Studio
    3. Bob Marley
    Round Six
    1. Tree Rings
    2. Hats
    3. MSU

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