Another “No Shave November” Draws To A Close…

If you’re a male person, maybe you opted not to shave during the month of November to raise awareness for cancer research. Or maybe you just like rocking a beard once a year, maybe you like the extra warmth it provides, or maybe you’re just lazy (it’s really none of my business and I won’t judge anyone for their decisions about facial hair). Maybe you’re a female person and didn’t bother to shave either. Your legs, not your pits (not shaving your pits is just…gross). Go ahead…tell someone else about your shaving decisions if you’re female and they’re all like screaming…”TMI…TMI!” People are SUCH delicate snowflakes, aren’t they?


Actors, such as Bradley Cooper, occasionally grow beards for film roles. Here’s Cooper in the umpteenth remake of A Star is Born.

Rather getting into the reasons why it’s not necessary to shave one’s legs in November mainly #1: you’re not that hairy anyway, and #2, you’re not wearing shorts anymore…I’m just going to say this…

MY BLOG F—ING BLEW UP DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER! Maybe since y’all didn’t spend as much time shaving your faces (or your legs…I’m not judging you) – you had more time to spend on this blog site! Let’s take a look at some numbers:


Wow – 1,015 total blog views for the month of November! That’s more than any other month to date. Uh, thanks? My “cabin trip” blog from May, 2018 continues to be one of my biggest “hits!”

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