Trivia Recap – Nov. 28, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

This is a re-formatted recap from 2016…

Figures, it just figures. It’s the Sporcle Live “off season,” and we managed a 153 point night, getting both final questions correct, plus a $10 second prize in game two (the question was pretty much all Joel). Shout out to Teamy McTeamface for taking first for the night and winning both first place gift cards! We also want to thank them for agreeing to use our tournament spot Saturday at the league championship. We think they will do well. In fact, I sent a text to their team captain Sarah after the game with the words, “I just wanted to say good luck, we’re all counting on you.” And she responded back with a video clip from “Airplane!” Off to a good start! Players this time included Heather (myself), Mike, Brad, Joel and John (both of whom arrived in game two). And the game questions…
Game One
1. Movie Couples – What couple, who dated in real life from 2002 to 2004, also had an onscreen romance in the film “Gigli?” 10
2. Mountains – What major mountain range was created by the subduction of the Indian Plate underneath the Eurasian Plate around 50 million years ago? 9
3. Mystery Novels – What 1938 mystery novel by Daphne du Maurier is narrated by a character known only as the “Second Mrs. DeWinter?” My first “hit” for 8, I had to read that in high school. Disliked…For “nerd” bonus, in what year did the film adaptation of this book win the Academy Award for best picture? This wasn’t really a “nerd” bonus, but I thought I’d throw this in there!
4. Cars – Audio clue of car described as official car of the NBA, miss for 1.
5. Reality TV Winners – What NBC reality TV series aired nine seasons and produce winners Jon Reep, John Heffron and Pod Man? Nope, miss for 2.
6. World Series – Which MLB franchise is the most recent to make their first World Series appearance? Miss for 3.
7. Elements – What word can be spelled with the chemical symbols for Potassium, Barium and Nitrogen, though not necessarily in that order? 7
8. Presidential Quotes – In an address to the United Nations, what U.S. president said, “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind?” Considered right guy, but did not write his name on the slip, miss for 4.
9. Country Bands – In 2006, what country music group released the Grammy-award winning song “Not Ready to Make Nice,” off their album “Taking the Long Way?” Yay, I named a country band, got this for 5.
10. Disneyland – The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean attractions are both located in a section of the theme park resembling the 19th century in what U.S. city? 6
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Nine letters – top half of a fraction
2. Five letters – apparition or a Patrick Swayze film
3. Six letters, French dance in three-quarter time that may be named for the small steps involved in the dance
4. Eight letters – Sir Galahad’s father. This inspired a conversation from Brad, where he asked, “Who was your favorite ‘Round Table’ knight?” Ever the smart ass, I said “the Black Knight,” and “Sir Robin.” Never a dull moment…Missed #3.
Scores: Nine teams, scores 46 to 62, with McTeamface in first. We were in fifth with 56 points.
Final Category: Song Titles
What word is in the title of charting singles released in 1969 by Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1981 by Joan Jett, and 2009 by Lady Gaga?
Brad for the points. Unfortunately, all teams seemed to know this one, so no prizes for us.
Game Two
1. Clothing – What clothing company founded in Philadelphia in 1970 owns the brands Anthropologie and Free People? Miss for 1.
2. Cartoons – What two characters were the subject of a “The Lion King” spin-off TV series that aired from 1995 to 1999? 10
3. NBA Teams – Which current NBA team name comes last alphabetically? Brad and I teamed up here for 9 (love sports questions like these).
4. National Parks – A U.S. National Park in western North Dakota is named in honor of which U.S. president? 2
5. ’60s Hits – What 1963 song by The Drifters referenced a famous NYC road in its title? Our “old guy” Brad couldn’t come up with this one…miss for 3.
6. Diseases – Huntington’s Disease is a condition that primarily affects which organ of the human body? My second solo “hit” for 5.
7. Movie Quotes – “The CIA didn’t know the Berlin Wall was coming down until bricks started hitting people in the head” is a quote from what 1998 film starring Bruce Willis? Disappointing…I’m usually a good “movie quotes” person, but damn, I never saw this film. And I even know some quotes from movies I haven’t seen? For shame…for shame…miss.
8. History – Within one, in what decade was the beginning of the Irish Potato Famine? 8 Got the bonus for hitting the decade spot on.
9. Radio – What does the “A” stand for in AM radio? Joel for a “solo hit” here, 7.
10. State Foods – What is the official state nut of Alabama and Arkansas? Mike wanted to put “Jeff Sessions,” but we put the right answer for 6.
Mystery – Missed #2, though we did think about the right guy.
Scores: Ten teams, scores 22 to 65, with Teamy in first. We were tied for second with 57 points with team Annie.
Final Category – Peace (we decided to give it a chance and wagered 20 points on it)
In 1994, what country because the 2nd Arab country after Egypt to sign a peace treaty with Israel?
Joel started writing down the answer immediately…we were in a tie for second with Team Annie, and had to answer this tiebreaker: What was the total domestic gross of “The Lion King?” We were WAY off but still closest enough to win the $10 gift card. Man, that movie made a LOT of money for 1994! The lion sleeps on a bed of money, apparently…Well that’s all, folks! We’ll be hitting up a MTL trivia spot tonight, most of you know what one that is by now…a little local watering hole where we won some prize $ last week. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, J-Lo and Ben, even if you are appearing in a Golden Raspberry award winning film!

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