How Much Do You Know About Things That Happened in 1968?

Fifty years ago today, a 17-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man were married by a Justice of the Peace. Today, they’re both celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary, Mom and Dad)! What better excuse to look back at some of the “happenings” of that year – when the U.S. was deeply embroiled in the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon was elected 37th president of the United States and…I’ll leave the rest of the 1968 factoids to put into this trivia quiz! Answers will be in the comments.


Hey buddy…I’ll bet you think the song in question #2 is about you, don’t you?
  1. Academy Awards – What film directed by Norman Jewison and released in 1967 won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1968? The film would later inspire a 1980s TV series starring Carroll O’Connor.
  2. Hit Songs – What song was #1 for nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1968 and was nominated for Grammy Awards in the categories of Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal – but failed to win any of them?
  3. Protests – What 87-year-old former Congresswoman led 5,000 women on a march protesting the Vietnam War in January of 1968?
  4. Vietnam War – What pivotal event of the Vietnam War occurred on Jan. 30, 1968?
  5. Assassinations – U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated June 6, 1968 in what U.S. city?
  6. Super Bowl – What team did the Green Bay Packers defeat in Super Bowl II on Jan. 14, 1968?
  7. Movies – What 1968 movie musical was nominated for an Academy Award for best picture and would win that award in 1969?
  8. Protests Part Deux – In March, 1968, New York University students protested the Dow Chemical Company because of its manufacturing of what product?
  9. Assassinations Part Deux – Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1968 in Memphis. King Jr. had been in Memphis to show support for what type of workers who had been on strike?
  10. Civil Rights – What did President Lyndon Johnson sign in April, 1968 which would ban discrimination in housing on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin?
  11. Musicals –  What musical opened in April, 1968 on Broadway and ran for more than 1,700 performances, introducing mainstream theatergoers to sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll and draft resistance?
  12. Trophies – What USC player won the Heisman Trophy in 1968?
  13. TV Shows – Richard Nixon appeared on what sketch comedy show in September, 1968 as a means of trying to soften his image?
  14. TV Shows Part Deux – What TV series debuted in September, 1968 and is to date the longest-running TV series in history?
  15. Aviation – What company introduced the 747 jumbo jet, which at the time was the biggest passenger plane in history? Bonus – within 10, what was the total seating capacity of a 747 at the time?
  16. Olympics – American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos received the gold and bronze medals in the 200 meter dash and would have those awards stripped the next day because of what? Bonus, in which city were these Olympic games?
  17. Colleges – What Ivy League university began admitting female students in 1968?
  18. Peanuts Specials – What Peanuts special, which centered on Snoopy, aired on February 14, 1968?
  19. Actresses – What actress, whose film credits include Tank Girl, Mulholland Dr. and St. Vincent was born September 28, 1968?
  20. Actresses Part Deux – What actress, whose TV credits include Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, No Ordinary Family and Ash Vs. The Evil Dead was born on March 29, 1968?

One thought on “How Much Do You Know About Things That Happened in 1968?

  1. 1. In the Heat of the Night
    2. Hey Jude
    3. Jeannette Rankin
    4. Tet Offensive
    5. Los Angeles
    6. Oakland Raiders
    7. Oliver!
    8. Napalm
    9. Sanitation workers
    10. Fair Housing Act
    11. Hair
    12. OJ Simpson
    13. Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In
    14. Sixty Minutes
    15. Boeing
    16 Raising fists during Pledge of Allegiance, Mexico city
    17. Yale
    18, He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown
    19. Naomi Watts
    20. Lucy Lawless

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