“A Lack of Planning On Your Part Doesn’t Constitute An Emergency On My Part”

Finally, Thanksgiving weekend is OVER! Visiting family members have hit the road, and for the time being, I’m done trying to “turn on the charm” at family get-togethers. Today, I get to just…chill. And maybe crank out a “study topic” blog, update some of my movie blogs. And do at least a COUPLE of loads of laundry (I do need things to wear to work Monday). Plus snake that downstairs bathroom drain, do dishes…

Occasionally, with family, one needs to draw their lines in the sand. Case in point – my dad asked me last night – while we were having dinner at a restaurant called Knight’s Steakhouse in Ann Arbor – if I worked Sunday morning. Only after answering the question did I regret not lying. Sometimes work is a GREAT alibi. Turns out he was seeing if me and my husband would be able to give my niece’s boyfriend a lift back to his dorm room on University of Michigan’s North Campus. Seemingly harmless request, right?

Wrong! Upon investigating further, the only reason they were looking for someone to taxi this boy to his room is because…(wait for it) – my brother and sister-in-law did SO much shopping that they wouldn’t have room in their vehicle (a Ford Flex, for inquiring minds) to haul their own bodies back to the U.P.  – AND this kid back to his dorm room. They go a little nuts with the shopping whenever they come to Southeast MI, since their own little town has SO few shopping spots (pardon me while I don’t feel sympathy for their dilemma, they are pretty materialistic folks). Hell, I LIVE down here and am not much of a shopper! I actually HATE going into stores! I’m one of those people who will go into Costco and buy two things! Well, sometimes three! Does gas count as a “thing?”  My Black Friday weekend shopping was all online – I ordered work clothes and underwear (my  life is SO exciting, LOL).


I REALLY hope the third time is the charm with work pants! The first pair I ordered…didn’t have any pockets! WTF? The second pairs I ordered just didn’t fit (I’ll be taking them back on Monday). Unfortunately, I’m not exactly an “off the rack” person when it comes to buying women’s pants, so it can be an adventure finding ones that fit (and don’t break my bank).

I was aghast when I learned WHY they wanted someone to provide taxi service. Not enough space in your car? Really? If given a chance, I could probably make room for all of their purchased stuff – AND this skinny male person. Are you utilizing all of the spaces under seats? Can people (besides the driver) hold bags of groceries on their laps? How about niece getting nice ‘n cozy with her beloved for the 16.2 mile ride from southern Ypsilanti Township to North Campus in Ann Arbor? They can make room…behold a picture of my packed trunk, from one of my recent camping trips:


We did not wind up needing the air compressor or the T.P.! My mantra for packing anything into an assigned space is, “It ain’t full until it’s packed tighter than a virgin on prom night.”

I didn’t exactly say “no” to providing the taxi service. But I did say I wouldn’t be able to provide said service until noon or later. Moot point, because my folks would be out of church by then and could haul the freshman to his freshman storage place themselves. My plans were to catch up on much-needed sleep from working my…busiest time of the year and not be available to the world until noon or later. As it turned out, I wound up rolling out of bed after NOON! A  rarity for me. I figured it all out with Google maps – us driving to my folks’ house to pick up our “fare,” take him to his dorm, and then back to our house would be a 33 mile trip. That’s “about” a gallon of gas (based on our Chevy Malibu’s average miles per gallon) right there.

If this were an emergency situation, of COURSE I’d be willing to provide taxi service! But if it’s just a case of people not being able to figure out where to put all of the crap they bought (really…did you have to buy all of those cases of  LaCroix from Costco)? First off, LaCroix is way overpriced, even if bought in bulk from Costco. And it doesn’t taste that good. I’m kind of hooked on “bubbly” water too, but Kroger’s “house” brand of “bubbly water” is good enough for me! I have a hard time believing they can’t find “bubbly water” anywhere in their own town. Or order the damned stuff online (I bought a case of caffeinated bottled water when I had to work an overnight shift a few years ago – it’s called “Water Joe”).

Just for comparison, a “case” of LaCroix at Costco costs $9.49. A 12-pack of Kroger sparkling water costs about $2.49 (so about $5 a case plus deposit). If they’re just going to be recycling the LaCroix cans at home anyway, maybe they’d be better off doing a Kroger run while they’re visiting my ‘hood!

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my family – but sometimes…I’m not IN love with them!

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