Best Work Moment – Ever!

A couple of years or so (give or take), the store in which I work started carrying appliances. I’ll never forget the day the big event happened, and refrigerators, stoves, etc. started getting hauled in to the area in which they would be sold on appliance dollies. And as is my brain’s wont, it triggered me to get a song stuck in my head. Here are the lyrics, see if you can spot ’em:

We got to move these refrigerators we gotta move these color TV’s

Stumped? The lyrics are from the 1985 Dire Straits song Money For Nothing.  It peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and was the third video to win the MTV award for Video of the Year. Its animation was considered groundbreaking at the time.

So I was chatting with a co-worker last night whose job it is to sell appliances. I told her this story about how I couldn’t get this song out of my head when the appliances started rolling into the store. She said she’d never heard the song before (forgive her, she’s only 25). There were were straightening up displays of boys’ clothing that were completely trashed. And then suddenly I hear Sting singing the opening strains of the song…”I want My MTV…” This co-worker of mine had queued up the song on her smart phone – and so for a few minutes, we listened to that song while we folded T-shirts and pants.  Risky, the ball-busting supervisor du jour could have walked by at any moment and told her to kill the music. But we lucked out. We got to listen to the whole song. The store was not busy at all while this occurred between the hours of 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

I joked that this song should be the appliance department’s motivational sales song (they do work on commission). Just imagine the department manager saying to the workers, “We got to move these…refrigerators…we gotta move these color TVs.”


Scene from the Money for Nothing video

I think I like this girl! It’s rare when I meet a co-worker with whom I connect very well. I’m usually kind of an outsider, and don’t think I have much to say that the others will listen to (and vice versa). I can count on one hand how many co-workers I’ve met over the years in this job whom I could consider “intelligent. ” I met her around the beginning of my shift last night when I  had a store flyer in my hand and I was looking for the sale items. Like a Johnny on the Spot – she was very informative – told me which items had sold out, which items had limited quantities, etc. For the record, the small version of air convection fryers sold out within hours of opening, multi-cookers were also nearly sold out (I totally called that one), and other items like cookware sets were also selling out.

I don’t think I’ll have too many opportunities to work with this woman, but I’ll never forget listening to Dire Straits while folding boys’ clothing!

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