The Four “Faces” Of Heb

There’s a meme going around on FB right now illustrating the different faces of my Facebook friends. Here’s my best take on it for me…


Cartoon  Me:


Leela, Futurama. Forceful dork, but with a good heart…Plus, I can talk like Katey Sagal!


Comic Me: Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman. She’s an Amazon. With a good heart. Who also kicks ass. ‘Nuf Said.


Fictional Me: Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)



Eowyn’s life has been colored by tragedy, but she has persevered. She would rather not disturb her mind with pesky things like “gender roles.”  She takes crap from NO ONE. Including the Witch King!

The “Real” Me:


Heb! Like that one Billy Joel song, I will kill with a smile, and I will wound with my eyes. I will ALWAYS draw my line in the sand. I may not always say the things that are the most popular, and I WILL piss people off with what I say. I am as opinionated as the day is long, and not everyone will want to hear my opinions. But I am the most loyal friend you could ever have (even after I’ve been kicked to the curb), and I will never forget a favor.

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