So What Will YOU All Be Doing On Thanksgiving This Year (2018)?

As I am typing this, snow is falling steadily, and the trees outside my house are beautifully caked with it. Should be a perfect night to check out the tree lighting ceremony in Depot Town!  After getting up this morning, I noticed we didn’t park the car in the garage, so I hastily cleaned it off and moved it into the garage. D’oh! I really need to get into the habit of just keeping the car in the garage all of the time!

On a more grim note, my busiest work week of the year is coming up (I work in Retailville).  I may not be posting as many blogs as usual during this upcoming week, which will involve, among other things, an (groan) overnight shift on Thanksgiving night. Don’t feel too sorry for me – I’ll be paid double time for four hours of my shift! Plus, I won’t be working during the peak busy times – and I’ll be going to IHOP for breakfast when I get done working Friday morning.

The day “of” Thanksgiving, I’ll be joining my family for dinner at the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor. What’s a “gandy dancer,” you ask? It’s a railroad maintenance worker. Though Gandy Dancer is known mainly for its seafood dishes, they apparently do a Thanksgiving feast too, with turkey and all of the fixin’s. A gandy dancer is NOT to be confused with Private Dancer, which was a 1980s album and hit single by Tina Turner. Without further ado…


Tina Turner’s highest charting single was What’s Love Got To Do With It (#1, 1984). Her next highest-charting singles were We Don’t Need Another Hero (#2, 1985) and Typical Male (#2, 1986).  Private Dancer as a single peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Tina Turner held a Guinness record for the largest paid audience for a solo performer at 180,000. I can totally see My Trivia Live asking about some obscure nugget like this, and if they do so while you’re playing a trivia game and you knew it because you read it on my blog…you’re welcome! I really liked her character in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

The reason we’re going out to eat for Thanksgiving this year is mainly because my parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!  They were married by a Justice of the Peace in 1968 mere months before my older brother was born. Don’t judge – these things happen! My parents were still crazy teenagers when all of this was happening in their lives (again, don’t judge)!

I’m sure on some levels my mother will miss the “routine” of putting on Thanksgiving dinner! You know how I know that? Because my dad JUST texted me and said she changed her mind and wants to do dinner at their house! Totally called that one! Here’s another example that proves my point… The one year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house (2010), she acted as if she was in…withdrawal. No, she didn’t have the shakes, but I could tell she was restless…bored! I could tell it kind of bugged her not doing the dinner herself (though I did delegate quite a few tasks to her, such as baking pies, quick breads, and biscuits – baking really is NOT my thing). Though I do make fantastic stuffing! The key to success is…moisture! More about moisture later when I talk about the “drunken turkey!”

We actually had kind of a neat set-up in our basement, where I arranged a “buffet” for people to serve their own plates – I even bought chafing dishes with Sterno fuel! I also plugged in the mini-fridge and stocked that with various beverages (not all of them beer)! My mother-in-law Willow was put in charge of roasting the turkey, which we called a “drunken turkey” – because it was stood upright in the roasting pan on top of a can of beer. Yes, cooking turkey this way basically means you’re…essentially sexually assaulting a dead bird by shoving a can up its…cloaca? Is that the word for a turkey’s…hole? Yes it is! There were rave reviews of the finished “drunken” turkey, which turned out really moist!


Awwwright – who shoved this beer can up my cloaca?

Whether you eat your turkey roasted, deep-fried or beer-basted on Thanksgiving? At a family member’s house, your house or at a restaurant named for a train maintenance worker? Maybe you don’t eat turkey at all? I hope you all have a very nice Thanksgiving in 2018! And special thanks to all of you for continuing to read my blogs! So far, I have 70 blog followers, and 7,079 views so far in 2018 (that’s up from 3,432 total views in 2017). Here’s a peek at my most viewed blogs of 2018:


My state borders blog is my most-viewed blog of 2018. You blog readers have also told me that you like reading about my cabin trips, Dreamworks films, trivia tournaments, New York City and…Doc Holliday. Hey – I like Doc Holliday, too! I’ll keep on writing  the blogs if you keep on reading them!



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