Venue Tournament Questions From Wednesday, Nov. 14

Editor’s Note: I was not in attendance at this game. The questions provided to me are from another player, so I am getting all of this information second-hand. Answers revealed in the comments. Here are the final questions and one of the mystery rounds from the game (special thanks to Kevin S.)

Game One Final Question:

Name 2/3 of the largest African countries after Algeria by land area.

Game Two Final Question:

What sitcom, which aired original episodes from 1976 to 1983, shifted cities from its original Midwest setting to Burbank, CA at the beginning of its sixth season.

Mystery Round:

The following descriptions of Billy Joel songs will be Billy Joel hit songs with one letter changed in the titles. 

It was 9:00 on a Saturday when Billy Joel wrote a hit song about his experiences in a city just north of Dallas
BJ used a string of pop cultural references to swing about how he never begun watching a 2000(s) show on HBO. 
In 1978 Billy Joel wrote a hit w/a song about Elizabeth Webber Small, although if he waited several years ago it would be about Christie Brinkley
The first track of Billy Joel’s debut album, one of BJ’s early love songs about the movement of a dog’s rear appendage

One thought on “Venue Tournament Questions From Wednesday, Nov. 14

  1. Game one answers: Libya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan
    Game two answer: Laverne and Shirley
    Mystery answers: Plano Man, We Didn’t Start the Wire, My Wife, She’s Got a Wag

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