Billy Joel Song Quiz – With One Word Changed!

There was a Billy Joel mystery round in Wednesday night’s Sporcle Live trivia game. And I’m feeling…inspired! Here is my own Billy Joel-inspired song quiz! Each of the correct answers will have just one WORD of a Billy Joel song changed! Note, in some cases (but not all), the changed word MIGHT rhyme with the word in the original song. Answers are in the comments! One of my blog readers said they like it when I put the answers in the comments, so I will be doing that from now on! But only with trivia quizzes that I create – not necessarily for recaps of pub trivia games that I play. Though I will consider doing this in the future!



  1. Name of four-word Billy Joel song from 1977 which is a love song about a marsupial native to Australia
  2. Name of two-word 1983 hit song about being in love with a woodland rodent
  3. Name of two-word 1977 Billy Joel album AND song that pays tribute to someone who kills people in a very specific way
  4. Name of three-word 1983 Billy Joel album and #1 hit about an animal known as a sea cow
  5. Two-word 1978 Billy Joel song about a nickname for an oversized metallic sentient being having a good night on the town
  6. Five-word song from a 1977 album that describes, among other things, tacos, burritos, margaritas and mariachi singers
  7. Five-word song that topped the easy listening charts in 1977 about unconditional love for a female Star Wars character.
  8. Four-word 1980 #7 hit about Billy Joel’s admiring observation of someone who works their abs a lot at the gym
  9. Four-word 1976 song about Billy Joel  bidding adieu to a Pigeon Forge, TN amusement park
  10. Five-word 1984 song about asking someone to hold back from eating the last of a popular restaurant appetizer

One thought on “Billy Joel Song Quiz – With One Word Changed!

  1. Answers
    1. She’s Always a Wombat
    2. Uptown Squirrel
    3. The Strangler
    4. An Innocent Manatee
    5. Big Bot
    6. Scenes from a Mexican Restaurant
    7. Just the Rey You Are
    8. You May Be Tight
    9. Say Goodbye to Dollywood
    10. Leave a Chicken Tender Alone (this one is my favorite)

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