NOOOO! RIP Stan Lee!

I have just been informed that Stan Lee – whom I view as the the comic book nerd version of Hugh Hefner is DEAD! I was JUST talking about him last weekend – when my mother-in-law asked – while we were watching one of the Iron Man films “I wonder how old Stan Lee is?”


Stan Lee as a beauty pageant judge in Iron Man 3, which I watched last weekend.

I chimed in…”If I HAD to guess, I would say he’s 96 years old.” So I used my nifty Internets device and looked up his birth date…

“He will be 96 in December,” I said (Dec. 28, 1922, for inquiring minds). My trivia team frequently leans on me when we have date-based tiebreaker questions – particularly about celebrity/famous people’s birth dates. When I have to guess how old a celebrity is, I usually put an estimated birth year with the person – and then figure out their age from there (for example, Dustin Hoffman was born in 1937, I would go 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 07, 17 and figure out that he’s 81). And yes I actually knew that Dustin Hoffman was born in 1937 (don’t ask me HOW, some dates just stick in my head like that).

But for some strange reason, I just pulled the age 96 out of a hat for Stan Lee.

I’m very sorry to see such a well-liked pop icon go! He certainly was an important figure in not only the comic book universe – but in the entertainment universe as a whole, too. RIP, Stan Lee! If you’re looking for gritty details about Stan Lee’s life, I’m sure there are plenty of other sites out there to visit! I just wanted to “log” my reaction to his death.

Now (drum roll) for you trivia nerds, it might be good to review the films in which Mr. Stan Lee had cameos! So here ya go…click here

Maybe…just maybe… on my day off this week, I’ll do a “study topic” blog about Stan Lee’s various movie cameos! Stay tuned!


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