“Face the Music” Nights Are No More!

Last night, I was “supposed” to join my friend Kim for a night of “Face the Music” at a bar in Plymouth, MI. However, I messaged her to let her know that I would not be coming out after all. I had been greeted with a “surprise” headache, and had  been feeling kind of under the weather for the past couple of days (seasonal allergies have been kicking my butt) – and also hadn’t been sleeping well for a couple of nights. So I bailed…I am feeling much, much better today (turns out a melatonin pill and three strong drinks was enough to put me out without doing too much of a “Judy Garland” on me). I also took one of my husband’s gout pills! I mean…Mucinex! Who knew that they worked for other things besides helping women get pregnant and easing gout symptoms? Oh yeah, they also work on phlegm and stuff too! Now you KNOW I’m just being silly here, don’t you? And that’s how you know I’m feeling better (but I digress)!

Then Kim messaged me back with a message that had been posted on Facebook from the host, Chris – who announced that this would be the last night of “Face the Music.” So what is “Face the Music?” It’s basically styled similarly to a standard My Trivia Live game, but is based on all audio clues (clips of music). Kim and I had a lot of fun with this game, and were especially good at putting our heads together on questions. She had a knack for knowing tunes I did not, and vice versa. But sometimes we’d actually help each other out! There was the one time I randomly said, “Wasn’t that the band Rob Thomas was in?” Bam, that helped Kim come up with the answer!”

I have no idea why these nights didn’t take off. Chris seldom had more than a handful of teams whenever Kim and I played (I think he had eight teams at the most). Maybe it wasn’t well publicized, who knows? I think if the league allowed the points to count toward barhop, it might help! Who wants to give up one of their “regular” trivia nights for an all-music night after all?

I didn’t really do recaps of all of these games, but I did do write-ups on some of them! Look at those here I am sad to see them go! It was nice while it lasted. Now it will go to the “Great Gig In the Sky…” Damn, now I will have to listen to that track! Fun fact – did you know the last words in that song (from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) are, “If you can hear this little whisper, you will die?” You will have to have this REALLY cranked up to hear it. I listened to this song quite a bit years ago when a family member (who had previously been a musician) died, since she had herself gone to the “Great Gig In the Sky.” Give it a listen – and you’ll see why this album was in the top 200 for as long as it was! How long? 917 WEEKS! It’s good stuff! 🙂

Again, I’m very sad to see this “name that tune” night go to the…you know where!


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