Happy Birthday Sam!

Our trivia team’s “founder,” Sam, celebrates his birthday this week! To mark the occasion, here is a set of trivia questions that are not only about him, but are about some of the things he knows – and loves! Let’s see how much YOU know about things in Sam’s “wheelhouse!”


Sam and Dave enjoying some Woodford Reserve at Knight’s – February, 2017.
  1. Hit Songs – Name one of the two #1 hits by singer/songwriter Jim Croce. For an extra bonus point, name both of them.
  2. Deaths – How did Jim Croce die – multiple choice – plane crash, drug overdose, car accident, or heart attack?
  3. Mascots – Name either the color or the specific name for Syracuse University’s sports teams’ official mascot. Bonus – within 2, in what year did this school’s men’s basketball team most recently make it to the final 4 in the NCAA Division I championships?
  4. Albums – On what Tom Petty album would you find the hit songs Runnin’ Down a Dream, Free Fallin’ and I Won’t Back Down?
  5. Universities – In addition to holding a doctorate from the University of Michigan, Sam earned his bachelor’s, master’s  and doctorate  degrees at  what Ivy League university in New York?
  6. Restaurants – Before becoming known for serving chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly known as BW-3) was best known for serving what specific type of food – which was incorporated into the chain’s original name?
  7. Beer – Which type of craft beer is warm-fermented – but conditioned at colder temperatures like a lager? Its origins are in Cologne, Germany – and this type of beer is a popular offering in summertime for many breweries.
  8. Role-Playing Games – What is the name for the role-playing game commonly referred to as “Dungeons & Dragons 3.75” – which also shares its name with a Nissan vehicle model? ?
  9. Recreational Games – In Ultimate Frisbee, what is the name for a specialized throw intended to make a high arc? It shares its name with the last name of a detective made famous by author Mike Spillane.
  10. Nicknames – Sam’s friends bestowed him with a four-letter nickname that is also the name for a sharp, hand-held makeshift weapon typically made by inmates. What is that nickname?
  11. Cars – Until 2014, Sam owned a first generation Ford Mustang. What was the specific model year of his car? Be specific.

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