No Trivial Pursuits Tonight…Also David Lynch Films – Art – Or Soft-Core Pornography?

For any of you curious folks out there, we will not be going out for any trivia games tonight. My husband said he wants to “stay in” tonight and I actually kind of want to do the same!

We’ve been on a bit of a David Lynch kick lately (just binged the 2017 re-launch of Twin Peaks). Tonight, we tentatively plan to watch Mulholland Drive. If you’ve never watched any David Lynch films and maybe need a little enticement to do so? Well, if nothing else, they’re a great excuse to watch what is essentially soft core porn…and because it’s NOT a porn movie and is a David Lynch film, you can tell your sweetie that it’s “art.” They don’t have to know that it’s really just an excuse for you to see some decent sex scenes and some T&A (your secret’s safe with me, wink-wink)!

I think if David Lynch wanted to branch out into “real” porn he would probably know what he’s doing! Also if he wanted to branch out into horror. It would be the most  f—ed up thing you’ve ever watched if he did a straight-up horror film. There is a scene at the end of Mulholland Drive that is so creepy it gives my husband the absolute willies every time he sees it.


Creepy scene from the ending of Mulholland Drive. Yes those are tiny old people coming in from underneath a door.

Well,  I guess I have to provide some more examples, don’t I? Below are a couple of screen shots from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which was a “prequel” to the original TV series and chronicled Laura Palmer’s last days on Earth. Mulholland Drive is also a good soft-core “T&A” movie and shows a love scene involving Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. I’m not posting any of the racy photos from Mulholland Drive that show the love scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring (and Laura Harring’s bare boobs). But Google’s image pages will be happy to give you a peek!



The first photo shows what Laura Palmer was willing to do when she was given Ecstasy. Or maybe something similar (the film doesn’t reveal what she actually took, but it was some kind of “Rufie colada”). I’ll bet y’all wondered what it would be like if you gave Ecstasy to an octopus. Well, wonder no more! Read this article!

science! - Copy.jpg

I really missed my calling. I should’ve gone into science….(sigh). SCIENCE!

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