Weird! I guess the other trivia teams had a worse night than I did…

I went out for a solo trivia game Thursday night. I finished with 76 points for the night, wagered 20 on the first final question and missed it, which put me at 22 points going into game two. In game two, I was in last place going into the final question with 34 points,  wagered 20 points on that and got it right (it felt like a moral victory, even if I didn’t win any beer money). A terrible showing by anyone’s reckoning. But still –  it put me in SECOND PLACE overall for the night. Though technically, I didn’t actually play at all!

To view the scores from last night, click here

I’m not using my league number in games at this bar this season. Taking a step back from competitive trivia has been a good thing for me, and my husband said he likes it, too. I’m a competitive creature by my nature, and playing “off the record” is the only way I can tame that beast. It’s making trivia nights much more fun than I possibly imagined! I probably won’t be going out for next Thursday’s game, my work schedule is picking up and I won’t be having as many Fridays off. Still, I’ll be sure to try getting out to OG as many Thursday nights as I  can! I’m not going to be able to resist the gorgeous autumn drives on country roads!

I’ll be working on a recap of last night’s game in just a bit…

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