It’s Time To Take Care of “Unfinished Business!”

I feel like I haven’t been able to “set things right” ever since my team played in a trivia tournament Saturday. Traditionally, when my team does poorly in a game (especially a tournament game, but any game where we do poorly is fair game), I like to seek out a “do over” game in an attempt to restore “balance.” It makes me feel, if nothing else, like the previous horrible game didn’t have the “last word.” Even if the do-over game doesn’t go well either, I can still tell myself…”Hey, I tried.” Usually that’s enough to settle things in my mind. Ideally, the “do-over” games have to be a non-regular trivia spot. Doesn’t work if it’s a place my team plays every single week.

After my team had a crappy game on a Friday in early July, I did this very thing. I went to play a “do-over” game on a Saturday (and someone actually called me out on it, LOL). It was sufficient to get the bad taste of the previous game out of my mouth! I can’t explain why it’s like this for me. It just is. I wanted to play last Saturday night following our crappy, crappy tournament game, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Rewind to March, 2017 – ditto. My team failed to advance in a MTL semifinal game and I went out that same night to do my “do-over” game. I just COULDN’T let that semifinal game ruin my mojo!

Trivia games at Original Gravity for my team are going to be a lot more sporadic this season. Tonight is off, and the next two Thursdays are out, too (my team will be playing the next two Wednesdays at the Wurst Bar and I don’t want to play two weeknights in a row). If we ever do get around to playing at OG again, we will not be using our team’s league number. I’ll want to keep the OG games “off the books.” Play just for the gift cards.

I am still taking a bit of a “break” from trivia! But I STILL have to take care of this little bit of “unfinished business!” It’s just something I’ve gotta do…


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