Trivia Recap – Powell’s Pub (Monday, Aug. 27 game)

Three of us hit up the Powell’s Pub trivia scene Monday night and though we encountered a pretty rough set of questions (clearly we need to study up on Jewish burial rituals, lol), we still wound up winning a $20/second place prize. It was the “progressive pot” night at Powell’s, which meant that $175 was up for grabs if any of the league teams managed to get the question correct at the end. The only league teams present this night were the “usual suspects,” which was kind of surprising. Usually the “progressive pots” seem to bring in other teams wanting a sniff at the cash. Oh well, we arrived earlier than normal for nothing!

As for the pot question, no teams got it correct…the question: “Which was the last film directed by Charlie Chaplin?” I was deemed the “representative” from my team in answering this, and I had no clue! I put down The Last Picture Showwhich was NOT directed by Chaplin, but released only four years after Chaplin’s last film! I honestly don’t even know why that movie was in my head – I’ve never seen it, nor read about it extensively. But who knows – maybe one day that movie will be the answer to a movies question we get! Upon reading the “parents’ guide” section for this movie in, here are some entries for The Last Picture Show:










A scene from The Last Picture Show
  • A young woman removes her top and bra in a car with a young man, and the man puts his hand on her breast.
  • Male and female nudity (genitals are never visible) skinny dipping in a pool: breasts, butts, and female pubic hair.
  • A character gets in a car with a whore and we hear her exclaiming about how poorly it’s going as others watch outside the car.
  • A man and a woman undress to their underwear and have sex (no nudity seen).
  • A man and a woman meet in a motel for sex — she wants to lose her virginity. He undresses her and gets on top of her but apparently has an impotence problem. She gets up and we see her breasts and butt.

Am I the only one who does this? The “parents’ guide” is a great way to see what a movie is about if you don’t want any real “spoilers” by reading the synopsis! Keep in mind this movie was released in 1971, so all of this stuff above was probably pretty controversial at the time! I’m kind of intrigued by the third entry involving the whore…maybe I’ll have to see this movie…

And the questions…

Round One

U.S. States  – The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point are both located in which U.S. state? 5

Politicians – Mikhail Gorbachev was the last leader of what federation of national republics? 3

SCIENCE – What is the name of the hormone produced by the human pancreas? 1

Round Two

Phrases – What five-word phrase appeared on promotional posters in the United Kingdom in 1939 as a means of helping its citizens prepare for war? A whole lotta no clue, bully on us for not remembering those posters from before World War 2! Miss for 1.

Musicians – What musician’s nickname was “Slowhand?” Additional clues were given, but this one was an easy one for Brad and I, got it for 5.

Beer – What is the more common name for the flowers scientifically known as Humulus lupulus which help provide flavoring in many types of beer? For a three-point bonus, what was the name of the 2010 beer released by the Brewdog company which had 55 percent ABV and cost $765/bottle? No idea on the bonus…


A sampling of a couple of the Brewdog beer bottles. Only 11 bottles were available for sale. Collector’s item, anyone? “No, that’s not just a dead stoat wearing a tuxedo, that’s an old beer bottle.”

Round Three

Ad Campaigns – The “Can You Hear Me Now” guy from advertisements that ran from 2002 to 2011 was a pitchman for what company? 5

James Bond Films – In what James Bond film did Roger Moore first play 007? Heartbreaking miss…I do not usually miss too many James Bond questions! We went with the one released just a year later for 3.

Religious Practices – Shiva is the third of five stages of mourning in Judaism and lasts how many days? What threw us about the question is that in traditional Judaic burials, the embalming of and cremation of bodies is forbidden (Mike and I have both had Jewish co-workers in the past who shared this fact with us). So our guess was a lot shorter of time period that we needed. Now excuse me, I need to be off to my Hebrew class (had I known what “shiva” translates to, I would have gotten this). Miss for 1.

Halftime – Song Lyrics – Given the release year and the ending lyrics for these songs, identify the song title.

1977 – “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…”

1975 – “Any way the wind blows…”

1990 – “Nobody loves no one…”

2011 – “Sometimes it lasts in love…sometimes it hurts instead.” 

Missed the 2011 song, though we did know the artist…

We had 28 points going into the second half and were in fourth place. Meh…

Round Four

Cities – What U.S. city has posh suburbs called The Main Line? Newsletter bonus, 6

Wimbledon – What fruit adorns a Wimbledon trophy? Miss for 4.

Atmosphere – What is the name of the lowest layer of earth’s atmosphere? 2

Round Five

Peanuts – What Peanuts character’s last name was Reichart? Yay, a “solo” hit for me for 6.

Documentaries – What name fills in the blank of the title of a 2012 documentary about Detroit rocker Sixto Diaz Rodriguez titled Searching For (blank)? Nope for 2.

Authors – Whose first published novel was A Mysterious Affair at Styles? Mike and I just watched a 2017 movie adaptation of one of this author’s works so it was kind of “fresh” in our brains, got it for 4.

Round Six

Reality TV – J-Lo has been a judge on what competitive reality TV series since 2017? Nope for 2

Food – Lake’s tongue, hungry gap and cow cabbage are all varieties of what vegetable? Nope for 4.

Elvis – What is located down the end of a lonely street? 6

Finished the six rounds with 52 points, which put us in a tie with “Two’s Company,” formerly known as “One is the Loneliest Number.” Ham Wallets were in first with 60 points.

Final Category – Entertainers

What late singer/actor won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role in the 1953 film From Here to Eternity?

Mike from “Two’s Company” and I had to answer this tiebreaker for first place – I didn’t write it down, but was what was the total length in minutes of a Wimbledon match that lasted three days? Mike’s guess was closer, so they got $30/first, we got $20/second.

Well, it looks like I didn’t need that much of a “blog break” after all! I’m feeling much, much better today (for inquiring minds). I was just not in the state of mind to do any “real” writing yesterday (thanks all of you who bothered to read the post). The next trivia outing is TBD. Next two Wednesdays we’ll be playing at the Wurst Bar since our bar will not be serving up trivia the next two Mondays. I haven’t planned any trivia games for the holiday weekend – but that doesn’t mean we won’t go out and play somewhere! As always, go Pods, and stay classy, Chris Isaak!


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