I’m Going On a Blog “Vacation…”

First off, thank you to everyone who bothers to check in with this blog site! I’ve become fond of “blogging” over the past couple of years or so, and it pains me to have to say this, but…

I need a break. Sounds much better coming out of Ian Holm…in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


After posting this, I’m not going to be posting any new blogs here or on the Facebook page (including trivia recaps) until, at the latest, after Labor Day. Or when I decide I feel like doing so (whichever comes first). I need some time to shake some dark thoughts that have been invading my psyche as of late. The “D” word is very, very real, and it’s a f—ing bitch. Hopefully by the time I feel like writing the trivia recaps again I’ll be out of this “dark place.” Every day has been a struggle, and the struggle is real (though some days/moments are definitely worse than others).  I have four days off from work for this coming Labor Day weekend, and I’m hoping the combination of decent weather and relaxation will be just what I need. Decent outdoor weather means I can go out and take a walk (which never fails to kill the blues). Just being able to be outside without wilting in the heat/humidity will be great! I really, really want to go out to Warren Dunes State Park and check out the waves. And maybe stop by Greenbush Brewery if it isn’t too crowded (which it likely will be on Labor Day weekend).


The beach at Warren Dunes State Park, which is located in southwest, MI. The park is popular with out-of-state residents from Indiana and Illinois. It’s not uncommon to see a majority of license plates in the parking lot be from out of state rather than Michigan!

But what I REALLY want is to be as happy as I was when I took this stupid selfie at Warren Dunes State Park a couple of years ago…


Is it me, or do I look slightly psychotic in this pic? Kind of reminds me of that scene in Addams Family Values where Wednesday smiles and the other little girls get kind of scared!  Here’s the pic below for you to compare!


I don’t know if I’ll be going out for any trivia games in the near future. Powell’s games are on hiatus for a couple of weeks, next Monday for Labor Day, and the Monday after that for Monday Night Football. I think the Lions are playing or something…Any games I go out to play during the next week will be based on a “game day decision” basis. If Mike and I both feel raring to go out for trivia? We’ll go out! If not? We won’t!

Catch y’all on the rebound! If this makes any of you feel better, typing all of this kind of made ME feel better! Damn it, I WILL get through this (shakes fist)!



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