One Time, My Hair Stylist Gave Me a Mystery to “Comb Through!”

There’s nothing a trivia nerd likes better than having a question for which they have to figure out the answer! A little “mystery” to solve, if you will! While I was having my hair cut Tuesday afternoon, my hair stylist, Heidi, game me QUITE the mystery to “comb through!”


Just to clear the air, I’m a woman, but I don’t allow myself a lot of those “guilty pleasures” that most “normal” women indulge. I don’t get fancy lattes, macchiatos or other coffee drinks from coffee shops. I don’t get “mani-pedis.” Perish the thought of me inflicting my toenails on some poor, defenseless pedicurist! They’d have to pay me NOT to force them to do it! Hmmm, this could be a moneymaking venture, I’ll have to look into this! I also don’t buy/wear makeup, and I don’t tend to go out and and buy any shoes other than ones that I plan to wear a lot. Ditto for clothing. All of that said, the haircuts I get every three  months or so are my one little indulgence!

I started going to a fairly upscale Ann Arbor hair salon in March of this year, but only because the hair stylist (Heidi) I’d had since 2016 had switched jobs.  Since I like what she’s done with my hair for these past couple of years, I figured I’d stick with her. Aside from her hair cutting/styling skills, I also like that my conversations with her aren’t forced or fake, like they had been with countless people who’d worked with me and my hair in the past. She just seemed more “real” than all of the others.

Whenever I get my hands on any bit of “extra” money – whether it be from a birthday, trivia prize, what have you – it always goes into my “haircut fund.” This salon really is kind of a swanky place! They will give you beer or wine while you’re having your hair cut, dyed, permed, whatever! I’ve not yet taken them up on the offers of boozy drinks (hell, it’s tough enough dealing with the “Michigan lefts” on Jackson Road amid heavy traffic sober)…

This most recent haircut was at least partially funded by my team winning a $100 prize in a ’80s movies theme trivia night. I had a $30 share, which would cover most of the cost of the haircut/tip.

So here I am in Heidi’s chair, and she’s chatting, and snipping away. We frequently like to chat about our “Up North” adventures, since she’s an Alpena native. Once, she told me about a trout festival that was going on in Alpena when she was there, and that a really, really huge “prize” trout named “Big Brownie” had  been caught by a fisherman. She also likes to talk about good “Up North” bars to check out, etc.

Skoeys Brown Trout.jpg

This is not the prize trout the guy caught, it’s just a random trout photo I found online!

This time around? The conversation turned to….trivia! Heidi said that about a month ago, she had a female client who wanted her hair “done” so that she could attend a “Jeopardy!” audition in Detroit. Since Heidi also knew that I also play a lot of trivia games, she asked the woman if she knew me. After a little q and a, the woman said yes, she knew who I was. She even indicated that in the past, our two teams had “teamed up.”

I was intrigued! It would be FAR too easy for Heidi to have known the woman’s name, wouldn’t it? I was undaunted, I put my old journalism interviewing skills to work, and asked a few questions.

“What did she look like?” Not a very gripping question, mind you, but at least it got me started!

“Well, she was kind of short, and kind of pudgy.” That in and of itself hardly narrowed it down! I’m more than 6 feet tall, so just about everyone is short to me (LOL)! Heidi did say something about the woman also playing on a trivia team with her sister. Now THAT was a clue I could work with!

I happened to know of a really, really good local trivia team which includes a pair of sisters in its lineup. I knew one had dark hair, the other was blonde. Heidi said that the woman she’d had as a client was the blonde one and that she worked in “computer programming.”

But what about the fact that this team had teamed up with us? Yes there was such a team! If my guess was correct, this was a team that I hired to play as “stunt doubles”  under my team number in a Sporcle Live finals game in December, 2016. My team couldn’t play in this game because of another tournament going on the same day. They showed up to play, won a $750 prize and we got to share a 20 percent cut (per our agreement). We had “barhopped” our way to this finals, so I felt it was only fair that my team got a little bit for ourselves!

In recent news, this same team won third place/$250 in a tournament last weekend.

After I got home, I sent a message on Facebook to one of the “sisters,” and she confirmed yes, her sister had recently auditioned to be on Jeopardy. I asked how the audition went, and she said “fine,” though her sister had already auditioned twice to be on Jeopardy and was not called back. She also said that her sister didn’t want to “get her hopes up.” Kind of heartbreaking, isn’t it?

The woman I talked to about all of this is a five-time Jeopardy champion! You can read about her Jeopardy appearance here.

I honestly hope the “other” sister also makes it on Jeopardy! I know a thing or two about what sibling rivalry can be like, I have an older brother who always had better grades in school, had better standardized test scores, perfect attendance, way better in math/science, yada yada. So I totally get this woman’s quest to be on Jeopardy!  What would be a better way to establish a “knowledge dynasty” than for BOTH sisters to be able to say they were on Jeopardy? If that happens? I definitely want to tell their story!

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