Trivia Recap – July 7, 2018 – Bobby McShane’s (Belleville)

We posted our worst score heading into a final question in a My Trivia Live game Friday in (let’s see how long…) uh…ever? And this includes MTL tournament games! We had 40 points going into the final question wagering, with the top team logging 46 points going into the final question! Kind of made us pity the newer teams playing at Bobby McShane’s in Belleville, which is one of MTL’s newest trivia spots, serving up trivia 9 p.m. on Friday nights.


Bar area at Bobby McShane’s

We saw a couple of familiar faces on “barhop” teams – including “that” guy who always wears the ratty gym shorts (LOL),  but it otherwise looked like a crowd of locals at this bar/restaurant in rural Sumpter Township south of the city of Belleville, which used to be Tin Pan Alley up until a few years ago when it closed. In November, 2017, it was “rebranded” as Bobby McShane’s. We passed a sign saying “Welcome to Sumpter Township” as we headed east on Bemis Road, and were almost immediately greeted with a salvage yard. We joked that there MUST be a sign for the salvage yard inscribed with the words “Don’t touch my junk.” And then I proceeded to start reminiscing about growing up in “the country,” and was providing commentary with a drawl in my speech (you had to be there). Oh, memories!

Evidence that there probably used to be a “smoking area” in Bobby McShane’s revealed itself via a sectioned off area on the north end of the restaurant by the windows, which was distinctly separate from the rest of the room. And this could be a prime “cheating” zone for sketchy trivia teams (oh the humanity)! Is there no honor among thieves – and trivia players?

Can’t really do a food review since we did not eat anything. The menu appeared to be similar if not the same as other McShane’s locations. Pub grub, fried goodness – you get the drift! I have heard from others that McShane’s food is decent, Kimberly has said she loves the macaroni and cheese! As for libations, they did not have any beer available on tap as of yet, but they did have bottled beer (craft and domestic) and a $4 Captain Morgan spiced rum special, which Mike and Brad decided to order. More for them, I will not drink spiced rum ever since that one time in college (bleah), so I instead had a couple of bottles of Labatt.

We were only playing here to do a “makeup” game for a game we will have to miss next week, so we can shake off what was, for us, a bad night of trivia (though we did win a second place/$20 gift certificate at the end). I can only imagine what it’s like to be a newer player/league team and battling questions like this: “From what blood testing/health technology company did Elizabeth Holmes step down as CEO in June, 2018 after being indicted for wire fraud?” Huh? You either read this news tidbit recently and raised your hand in the air and said “A-ha I know this,” thereby becoming the superhero of your trivia team, and eventually, the world. Or maybe you managed to make a correct guess based on your extensive knowledge of blood testing/health technology companies. Seriously, if you’re not going to be an expert in blood testing and health technology companies, you might as well give up on pub trivia right now! 🙂 If you were us, you did your best imitation of a deer caught in the headlights, and eventually put down “23 and Me” in utter and complete desperation. This question was part of round five, and no teams got ANY of the questions in this round correct. An obscure question about a blues singer also gave all of the teams in the room the blues (though we did consider the right guy, which REALLY gave us the blues)! Winning that gift certificate at the end was nice – and even nicer learning that we can use the gift certificate at other McShane’s locations! We plan to use it today at McShane’s Pub Ypsilanti to watch the Croatia/Russia FIFA World Cup match, since it has an expiration date of July 20.

Now that I’ve gotten a sad attempt at a Yelp review out of the way…how about those game questions? I’m much better at reviewing and commenting on trivia questions than I am at commenting on food! 

Round One
1. Money – Which president’s last name is the longest last name of all of the presidents whose images appear on paper currency currently in circulation? 5
2. Math – What branch of mathematics involves the measurement and study of triangles? We picked a branch of math that DOES involve the study of triangles, just not a branch that ONLY involves the study of triangles, so we missed this for 3. This was a good tell that this was NOT going to be our night – missing a question in round one!
3. Babies – According to myth, what bird is said to deliver newborn babies? One of only maybe a couple of questions all night we wouldn’t have to think about too much (LOL)…1

Round Two
1. Fast Food- What fast-food company was founded in Ohio by Dave Thomas on Nov. 15, 1969? 5
2. Technology – What company with a state in its name was originally founded as Geo Physical Service Incorporated in 1930? Miss for 3, we focused too much on three letters in this name.
3. HBO – Timothy Olyphant played sheriff Seth Bullock in what HBO series from 2004 to 2006? For an extra three point bonus, in what HBO series airing from 1990 to 1996 did actress Wendy Malik, best known for the series “Just Shoot Me” and “Hot in Cleveland” play Judith Tupper? Did not attempt the bonus, and missed the regular question for 1.


Timothy Olyphant in the HBO series whose name we didn’t remember…

Round Three
1. Acronyms – What did the letters ACT stand for when referring to the standardized test when first administered in 1959? Miss for 1.
2. SCIENCE! – Name one of the two noble gases on the Periodic Table that do not have a vowel in their symbols, got this for 3.
3. Shoes – Music mogul Jay-Z recently was named head of what shoe company’s basketball division? This question is abbreviated, we missed for 3.

Halftime – Stephen King Books
According to a 2014 Rolling Stone reader’s poll involving the best books by Steven King, “The Stand” is the #1 book on that list. Name four of the next five top books on that list.
Managed to get three of these correct, talked ourselves out of one that was correct.
Scores: Nine teams – scores 14 to 30, with Abysmal Failure in first. We were more abysmal than that, with 22 points in third place, tied with Belleville Dogs.

Round Four
1. Germany – Who was the last kaiser of Germany? Newsletter bonus, 6.
2. Fighters – What former UFC champion made their debut at Wrestlemania 34 in April, 2018? Nope for 2.
3. Politics – What former George W. Bush cabinet member was named Trump’s Director of Transportation in 2017? Keeping track of all of Trump’s cabinet members is a trivia study topic in and of itself! Unfortunately, nobody on my team has volunteered to study that category…we missed for 4.

Round Five (can we pretend this round didn’t happen?)
1. Music Videos – Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway both appeared in which of Tom Petty’s music videos? I watched a LOT of videos in the 1980s. Apparently I didn’t pay enough attention to this one, miss for 2.
2. The Blues – Which musician and blues singer was known by the nickname “King of the Delta Blues?” Miss for 4, though we had the correct bluesman’s name written down. Pardon me while I write a blues song about THIS game!
3. Companies – From what blood testing/health technology company did Elizabeth Holmes step down as CEO in June, 2018 after being indicted for wire fraud? Miss for 6.

Round Six
1. Colleges – In what state would you find Villanova, which won the 2018 NCAA basketball championship? Brad got really, really excited to know this answer immediately, got this for 6.
2. History – What U.S. government position did Aaron Burr hold when he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel? 4
3. Social Security – How many digits are in a Social Security number? Only round of the night we got all of the questions correct, got this for 2.

Scores: Nine teams, scores 26 to 46, with Belleville Dogs and Abysmal Failures tied for first. We were one of two teams tied for second with 40 points.

Final Category – U.S. States
In 1981, because of pollution in Rome, the Vatican opened a space exploration laboratory with its own equipment on Mt. Graham in which U.S. state?
Brad was our hero here…
Final scores: Abysmal Failure, 46; ‘Pods, 80; Belleville Dogs, 92.

We will be playing in an ’80s movies theme night Monday so our next recap will be posted Tuesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Robert Johnson!

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