A “Teaser” For a Future Blog About Boating!

I’ve been posting a few blogs about my Girl Scout camp experiences in the past couple of weeks. Boating is a topic I  will be writing about soon! But before I get to that, here are a couple of relevant photos….keep in mind I have very mixed feelings on the topic of boating, so the smiles you see in the photos below may be misleading!


Me (center) in 1989 at an Au Sable River landing near Grayling, MI We were on a canoe trip with the high school marching band. The guy in the red’s name is Jason, and he’s the bastard who flipped us over. Though I appear to be accepting the situation in good stride, I wanted to hold this guy’s head under the water until he stopped squirming, lol! The other girl is my friend Wendy. Note the waterproof Swatch watch I am wearing! It was on this trip that I learned to NEVER go barefoot while boating!


Me in 2000 at Tahquamenon Falls, where visitors can rent rowboats to explore a little island, and see more falls.


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