Trivia Update – Feb. 20, 2014 – (Old Trivia Updates)

OK, we get it now. It is obvious that our team is not among the Sporcle Live – Detroit teams that is ever going to benefit from the “cash rewards” program. Simply put, we’re just not cutting it. We’re not whining, we are stating fact. We would really like to know what was so broken about the previous trivia set-up that it had to change so drastically. For the record, we had no complaints about how things were before. Even teams that regularly won money in tournaments time and time again (you know who you are). And, after talking with the team last night, us playing in a tournament under this current setup is highly unlikely. We were not cut out to be a big fishes in a big pond, or in our case, big squids in a big ocean. But for those of you who are curious – 114 points last night. We’ve always thrived on playing competitively, but are becoming discouraged about fighting what has essentially become an unwinnable war. Now as a method actor would ask their acting coaches, we want to know “What’s our motivation?” Perhaps the acting coach would say “gift cards.” So be it.

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